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Welcome to the wiki for the Multifunctional Thin Film Materials Groupin the School of Mechanical, Industrial, & Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State University. Here group members (and others) can find information regarding our laboratory, procedures, equipment, and general topics important to being successful in our group at OSU.

Gibbons Group Images

You are welcome to use one of our images for a class or presentation, please reference “Gibbons Group, Oregon State University”.

Prof. Gibbons at the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden in June of 2010. A meeting of our dual Materials Science/Mechanical Engineering Bachelors Degree took place at Lulea University of Technology. More information on this unique dual degree opportunity can be found at the Atlantis Program website.
This image is 'written' into a 300 nm thick sol-gel deposited PZT thin film. The image is created first by applying +10 to -10 V depending on the level of gray in the source image (this sets the domain orientation, done with the AFM tip), then scanning the same area with the AFM in piezoforce mode. The scale is 20 microns on a side. What you are looking at is the phase of the cantilever (indicating an 'up' or 'down' ferroelectric domain) laid over the amplitude of the piezo-response.