Prestigious National Awards for Three Young Professors

Three School of MIME faculty have achieved important early-career benchmarks by earning prestigious and competitive research awards from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Defense

Meet School of MIME Faculty Hires for 2015-2016

Six New Faculty Join School of MIME

NSF Fellows Have Ambitious Aims for Robots, Fire

Two of our students, Andy Abate and Aaron Fillo (l to r), have been selected by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships program for fully funded graduate studies. This prestigious award reaches only 2,000 students in the nation.

What’s ATAMI? MBI’s Partnership Model Scales Up

The Microproducts Breakthrough Institute (MBI) has “scaled up” with the launch of ATAMI, the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute — an expansion of the MBI model to embrace additional research-to-commercializtion opportunities across the univ

Humanitarian Engineering Program Benefits from Alumni Support

Humanitarian engineering program challenges new boundaries

In delivering on our mission commitments, the School of MIME continues to focus our resources and demonstrate measurable results in the areas of highest importance to our stakeholders:

  • Preparing the next generation of mechanical, industrial, manufacturing and energy systems engineering professionals; and
  • Performing leading-edge research that ensures a better future for our state, nation and world.

We deliver a top-tier, hands-on engineering education to our students; and our graduates get jobs. As well as bringing tremendous dedication and talent to their teaching, MIME faculty are research leaders in their fields. School of MIME enjoys – and is much the stronger for – our strong ties with industry, commitment to diversity, and ongoing connections with MIME alums.

Engineering News

New type of cement could offer environmental protection, lower cost

Apr 28, 2016
If widely adopted, a new approach to making cement could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, help address global warming, produce a more durable concrete, and save industry time and significant costs.… Read full story.
Photo of traffic

Culture, crowding and social influence all tied to aggressive driving behavior

Apr 26, 2016
A study of angry, competitive and aggressive driving suggests that these dangerous behaviors are becoming a worldwide phenomenon of almost epidemic proportions, and are a reflection of a person’s surrounding culture, both on the road and on a broader social level.… Read full story.

OSU Alumni Association grants high honors to three

Apr 15, 2016
The OSU Alumni Association has selected two alumni, Jen-Hsun Huang and Pamela Knowles, and one great friend of the university, Allyn Ford, to be honored on April 22. … Read full story.
OSU News Release

Eight Oregon State engineering faculty earn $4.3 million in top awards

Apr 12, 2016
Eight young faculty members in the College of Engineering have received $4.3 million in prestigious awards for their teaching or research initiatives.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

“Community solar” systems may add savings to local, cooperative energy projects

Mar 30, 2016
Small "community-solar" projects involving neighbors working together may hold part of the future of solar energy and improved efficiency.… Read full story.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the #1 predictor of personal and professional success. EQ is the ability to understand one’s emotional make-up and the emotional make-up of others;


Ettihad Cultural Festival

The Ettihad Cultural Center is hosting the fourth annual Ettihad Culture Festival on May 15th 2016 from 5pm-8pm at the Memorial Union Quad. This is one of the biggest annual…

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Leadership Academy Pillar: PURPOSEFUL or PROFESSIONAL (member's choice)

Start Smart is a program of the AAUW and is specifically designed for college students about to enter the employment market. The Start


Engineering Expo 2016

A well-attended community event organized by the College of Engineering inviting the public, with attendees ranging from high school science groups to our industry research partners and advisors, to experience…

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The Undergraduate Engineering Expo is one way we prepare students for responsible citizenship and global competitiveness. Our undergraduate students will share their work through the use of models, demonstrations, and posters…
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