Data Center Cooling System Verified at 70 Percent More Energy Efficient

The study by IE Ph.D. candidate Babak Lajevardi with Assistant Professor Karl Haapala and EEC Director Joe Junker is helping IT Aire, a local startup company, through an Oregon BEST commercialization grant.

Charting Wind Energy’s Impact on Birds and Bats

Dr. Roberto Albertani's research could help the wind energy industry reduce death rates related to bird-blade strikes.

Capstone Project Team Designs Winning Scheme for Ergonomic Cab

Oregon DOT fleet management wanted to improve the ergonomics of their trucks and the comfort of their drivers, and MIME developed a winning tool.

Research Partnership Aims to Shed Light on Machine’s Moving Parts

Machine builders A&K Corp. develop a computerized model of their top-selling corn husking machine for future design improvements.

Graf Hall Gets Ready for Robotics Hub

Vision to create a top-notch robotics research facility under way

In delivering on our mission commitments, the School of MIME continues to focus our resources and demonstrate measurable results in the areas of highest importance to our stakeholders:

  • Preparing the next generation of mechanical, industrial, manufacturing and energy systems engineering professionals; and
  • Performing leading-edge research that ensures a better future for our state, nation and world.

We deliver a top-tier, hands-on engineering education to our students; and our graduates get jobs. As well as bringing tremendous dedication and talent to their teaching, MIME faculty are research leaders in their fields. And our School enjoys – and is much the stronger for – our strong ties with industry and ongoing connections with MIME alums.

Engineering News

OSU News Release

Expert: Artificial intelligence systems more apt to fail than to destroy

Mar 23, 2015
New support to study the risks of artificial intelligence is welcome, but it may not find the problems that Hollywood envisions.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Massive amounts of fresh water, glacial melt pouring into Gulf of Alaska

Mar 19, 2015
Rain, snow and melting glaciers in southern Alaska would create the sixth largest coastal river in the world if it emerged as a single stream.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

“Distracted driving” at an all-time high; new approaches needed

Mar 17, 2015
Although accidents from distracted driving are at an all time high, research suggests that training programs can help prevent some of them.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

“Additive manufacturing” could greatly improve diabetes management

Mar 16, 2015
OSU engineers have created a new sensor that may significantly improve the management of Type 1 diabetes around the world.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

OSU to help lead $20 million disaster resilience center

Mar 6, 2015
With a new $20 million grant, OSU will work with a group of other universities to help communities improve their resilience to natural disasters.… Read full story.

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MBA Information Session for Engineering

The MBA program invites the College of Engineering students and community to join the MBA team for an information session at the HUB. We will cover admission requirements, application processes…

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The third annual National Get Outdoors Day event will be held on Saturday May 30th, 2015 from 10:00am-3:00pm at Peavy Arboretum.  This free event is hosted by OSU


School of MIME 2015 Commencement

The School of MIME invites friends and families of our graduates to the School's own graduation ceremony -- traditionally this event is the day before the official Oregon State University Commencement.…
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