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Partial Listing of "Work-Readying" Opportunities for MIME Students

  • Participating in the MIME IAB Professional Development Series
  • Completing industry-sponsored Capstone Design Projects
  • Participating in MECOP and other internship programs – an opportunity typically utilized by more than half of the MIME student body each year. 
  • Attending networking events such as the annual MIME & EECS Senior Dinner and Industry Reception events and the OSU engineering career fairs
  • Obtaining hands-on experience in machining and manufacturing processes through the MIME Machining and Product Realization Laboratory
  • Joining MIME faculty research teams
  • Hosting events such as the 2012 IIE and 2010 ASME regional student conferences and FIRST Robotics competitions
  • Gaining international study and project experience through participation in the Atlantis Bachelor Program, Global Formula Racing Team, and international internships
  • Delivering papers and winning awards at professional conferences