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4 Credits
Available select Winter or Spring terms
Lecture only

ME 317 or equivalent
Burak Sencer
219A Dearborn Hall

Course Description

Automated manufacturing system design and operations – sensors, actuators, programmable controls. Concepts for the integrated design and verification of virtual system models, control programming, and hardware implementation.


  • Computers and CNC Architecture
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Logics and Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Discrete Control System Design
  • Motion Control Systems

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Understand fundamental operational principles of computer numerical controlled manufacturing systems and machine tools.
  2. Describe the basic principles and operational considerations for typical automation components such as sensors, actuators, and programmable control systems.
  3. Develop mathematical models and analyze dynamic response of mechatronic systems used in manufacturing automation and design control laws to be implemented in real-time hardware.
  4. Design smooth reference trajectories for coordinated motion generation on multi-axis machine tools and industrial robotic manipulators.
  5. Design, conduct experiments, and draw conclusions from an engineering analysis of a virtual model of a manufacturing system.