The Global Watering Can

Engineers without Borders and Humanitarian Engineering will host a presentation and panel discussion, “The Global Watering Can: Redefining the Rights and Responsibilities of Resource Allocation” featuring Dr. Simba Tirima of University of Idaho, Oregon State professors and graduate students. This event is free and open to the public; refreshments will be served. Tickets for Saturday’s Jan. 10 Lela Fête concert (5:30 pm at the Whiteside Theater, 4th St. and Madison Ave. in downtown Corvallis) also will be sold at this seminar.

Materials Science Seminar on Alloy 690 and Other FCC Alloys

Dr. Michael Kaufman from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines will present a seminar, "Origin of Diffuse Intensities in Selected Area Electron Diffraction Patterns from Alloy 690 and Other FCC Alloys," with the MIME Materials Science Program.

FCC Alloys | DATE: Jan 16 | TIME: 3 pm | PLACE: Rogers 226

FALL 2014

Dig in! -- Build Your Own BioSand Filter at the Humanitarian Engineering Workshop

Engineer and inventor Dr. David Manz will run a two-day workshop to demonstrate to students how to build a BioSand Filter, the device he developed to improve drinking-water filtration processes. The first day -- Thursday from 8-11 am in Merryfield Hall, students will mix and pour concrete into a steel mold. On Friday, from 1-4 pm, workshop teams will remove the filter from the mold and prepare it for use. (RSVP for the workshop to As well, on Thursday, at 4 pm, join Dr. Manz for a reception and a lecture in Rogers 226. “The Future of the BioSand Filter” is the third and final lecture in the “Voices from the Field” seminar series from OSU’s Humanitarian Engineering Program.

The Future of the BioSand Filter  |  DATE: Thurs., Nov. 13  |  TIME: 4:00 pm  |   PLACE: Rogers 226

BioSand Building Workshop, Part I  |  Thurs. Nov. 13  |  TIME: 8-11 am  |  PLACE: Merryfield 104
BioSand Building Workshop, Part II  |  Fri. Nov. 14  |  TIME: 1-4 pm |  PLACE: Merryfield 104

MatSci Seminar: Ion Conductive Devices

Materials Science has a seminar featuring Dr. Larry Cheng, School of EECS this Thursday. Cheng's talk will cover, "Ion Conductive Devices in Biosensing and Microfluidic Applications." The talk will cover the development of ion conductive devices to manipulate ions and molecules with electrica control and detect biomolecules via ionic signals. Several applications based on this technology will be presented including, biosensing, microfluidic pH tuning, molecular preconcentration and separation.

Date: Thurs., Nov 13  | TIME: 3 pm  |  PLACE: Rogers 226


This Week's Design & Manufacturing Seminar

Today’s design environments take advantage of powerful computational technology more than ever before. However, as design software becomes increasingly more sophisticated, it also becomes more difficult to master, requiring an increased demand for human specialization and expertise. Dr. Levent Burak Kara, Associate Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University will give a seminar offering a new modeling software for rapidly designing and detailing 3D shapes this Friday. His talk, "Supporting Visual Thinking and Ideation Through 3D Design Abstraction," is part of the Design and Manufacturing fall seminar series.

DATE: Fri., Nov. 14  |  TIME: 2-3 pm  |  PLACE:  Rogers 226

Friday, October 10
Dr. Kent Welter, NuScale Power, “Nuclear Risk Communication2-3 pm, Rogers 226. (Please join us for refreshments.)