Research and instructional laboratories housed within the School of MIME

Machining & Product Realization Lab

 A facility for helping students develop the practical side of their engineering skill set and for preparing them as work-ready engineers and proficient researchers. In addition, MPRL staff support the work of MIME faculty and others across campus by designing and fabricating parts and components needed for teaching and research.

Energy Efficiency Center (EEC)

The Energy Efficiency Center houses the OSU Industrial Assessment Center and offers Rural Energy Audits, OSU facility assessments, and other customized assessments. The center focuses on mentored energy efficiency training, performs related research, data accumulation and analysis and offers other related services.

The EEC has the goal of developing and sharing a knowledge base of new and common efficiency opportunities in a range of sectors, including industrial, agricultural, municipal, institutional, commercial and residential. The center is built on student management with faculty mentorship and oversight.

ATAMI (formerly called Microproducts Breakthrough Institute)

ATAMI is located on the Hewlett Packard Corvallis campus just northeast of the OSU campus. The facility supports hierarchical (nano/meso/micro) product and process development for commercializing nanomanufacturing (nanomaterials synthesis, functionalization and assembly) and arrayed microfluidic applications.

ATAMI is equipped for microsystems fabrication and materials characterization, and comprises over 20,000 sq. ft. of fab/hood space and researcher, tenant, and student office space.

Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC)

PMEC was established in 2008 (as the Northwest Marine Renewable Energy Center) by the U.S. Department of Energy to facilitate the development of marine renewable energy technologies via research, education, and outreach. University partners include Oregon State University (OSU), the University of Washington (UW), and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).

Toward the goal of accelerating responsible development of renewable energy, PMEC faculty and students investigate technical, environmental, and social dimensions of ocean energy technologies, performing research that fills knowledge gaps. Through this research, students are becoming industry pioneers, educating themselves in these promising new fields. PMEC itself serves as a neutral voice of science and engineering to inform the public and decision-makers about the effects and capabilities of marine energy technologies.