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Oregon State Ranks 3rd in nation for online engineering graduate programs
Oregon State University has earned its highest national ranking ever for online education at the graduate level. Oregon State is ranked No. 3 by U.S. News & World Report in the category of Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs. The College of Engineering offers master’s degrees online in industrial engineering and radiation health physics. Faculty credentials and training is one of the main criteria that U.S. News & World Report uses to evaluate engineering programs. This played a key role in Oregon State’s top-10 ranking; all online classes in both of OSU’s online engineering master’s programs are developed and taught by Ph.D. faculty who are renowned in their fields for teaching and research.

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Mark Your Calendar

TAPPI industry panel
The TAPPI Club will host an industry panel presentation Jan. 22. The event will help students gain insight from working professionals into what the paper industry has to offer and what is like to work in the industry. Pizza will be provided.  Register through Handshake .Speakers include: Melissa Phillips (28 years of experience), Lucas Shumaker, and James McClure, vice president of manufacturing, from Georgia Pacific; Erin Loew, plant manager, and Sean Thomas, account manager, from Solenis; and Robert Russell, who has been involved in the paper industry for over 30 years and currently works for Voith.
Tue., Jan. 22 | 6 to 7 p.m. | Johnson 102

Intel Company Day
Meet some of our engineers and learn about opportunities at Intel. We are seeking majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Supply Chain, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and related. BS, MS & PhD’s welcome! Bring your resume.
Wed., Jan. 23 | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. | KEC 1005/1007

Applying for Aerospace Internships 101
Whether you just started looking for an aerospace internship or you'd like a few tips to spruce up your past applications, OSU AIAA will be hosting an "Applying for Aerospace Internships 101" seminar to offer a few pointers as you apply to both your private industry and NASA internships! This seminar will be held on Wednesday, January 23rd, at 6:00pm and will consist of presentations focusing on both filling out NASA and private industry applications, and will be followed up by a Q&A session.
Wed., Jan. 23 | 6:00 - 7:00pm | Rogers 332

From Here to Career: Get Connected | What is Networking and How Do I Do It?
If the concept of "networking" has ever remotely confused you, or if this is a skill you'd like to grow in, this is the workshop for you. In this session, you'll learn how to begin building and maintaining your network of professional contacts, and how to effectively use your network to gain opportunities.
Thur., Jan. 24 | 12 to 1 p.m. |  Student Experience Center (SEC), 112 (Involvement Lounge) 

CNC Seminar – FADAL VMC Qualification – Session I
This is the first segment in a series of seminars for a CNC qualification on the FADAL milling machines.  This seminar will cover the introduction to the Vertical Milling Machine (VMC) and its setup.  Students wanting to earn their CNC qualification sticker should attend this seminar.
Thur., Jan. 24 | 12 to 1 p.m. | Rogers 226

"Seeing Below," by Roger Diehl, Ph.D.
NASA Solar Ambassador Dr. Roger Diehl will be coming to talk to OSU AIAA about NASA's InSight and New Horizons missions on Thursday, January 24th at 6:30pm in Linus Pauling Science Center, Room 125. This will be a fascinating presentation that you won't want to miss!
Thur., Jan. 24 | 6:30pm | LPSC 125

From Here to Career: Get Accepted | Applying to Grad School: Tips for Applications
Thinking about going to graduate school? Come to this session to learn about the application process and how to make yours stand out!
Tue., Jan. 29 at 6 to 7 p.m. | Student Experience Center (SEC), 112 (Involvement Lounge) 

From Here to Career: Get Connected | Marketing My Experience
You have a wealth of skills and knowledge that employers are actively searching for in candidates for positions. Come to this workshop to learn how to translate the skills you gained through work-study, study abroad, student organizations, and service learning experiences into awesome cover letters, resumes, and interview answers.
Thur., Jan. 31 | Noon to 1p.m. | Student Experience Center (SEC), 112 (Involvement Lounge) 

Openly Published Environmental Sensing (OPEnS) Lab (open-sensing.org) OPEnS House
Please come learn about the OPEnS Lab equipment, capabilities, and current projects. There will be a 10 minute presentation at 3:45 pm. Refreshments will be provided. The Open-Sensing Lab is focused on developing environmental sensing projects and research. From soldering stations to 3D printers to laser cutters, our lab provides the tools necessary for students, professors, and researchers alike to develop tools used locally and worldwide by the ecological science and engineering community. If you can imagine it, we can build it!
Thur., Feb. 7 | 3 to 5 p.m. | Gilmore Annex, Room 200

College of Engineering Leadership Academy’s Annual Suit Camp
This is a unique event where you will be matched with industry professionals for mock interviews, as well as enjoy a networking social hour with them afterwards! A great way to maximize your professional network and practice skills that will give you a leg up in internship and job interviews. Open to ALL engineering students. More info and registration at this link, and email coeleadershipacademy@oregonstate.edu with any questions.
Thur., Feb. 7 | 3-6 p.m. | CH2M Hill Alumni Center

MIME Career Reception
Come to the Winter Career Reception, on the evening prior to the OSU Career Expo, to learn more about engineering careers, plus current entry-level and internship opportunities! This event is free and open to all MIME & CBEE students. The evening's schedule of events includes:

  • 4:30-4:50 pm  Check-In @MU Lounge
  • 5:00-6:30 pm  Career Insights Program – information about current opportunities and career paths at the participating companies (Attend three sessions of your choice.)
  • 6:30-7:30 pm  Networking Reception – an opportunity to meet with companies that interest you

The following employers will be attending: Analog Devices, Eaton, E&J Gallo Winery, US Army Corps of Engineers - Portland District, plus more to come. Register: bit.ly/careerW19.
Tue., Feb. 19 | 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. | Memorial Union, Main Lounge

MIME Distinguished Speaker: Nathan Johnson, Ph.D., " From Energy Access to Grid Resiliency: A Story of Anthropology, Engineering, and Business"
Innovation is a process that encompasses and eclipses engineering practice to more comprehensively include skillsets from anthropology, economics, and business. It is challenging, however, within our academic career paths to identify opportunities to apply that process in earnest. This talk will demonstrate opportunities for innovation with global impact by beginning with methods that capture and interpret user insights before diving deeper into four synergistic project areas that each connect user insights with technical research to the delivered product. Nathan Johnson is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University and the Director of the Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS).
Tue., Feb. 8 | 4 to 5 p.m. | Rogers 226

Graduate Research Showcase
The College of Engineering at Oregon State University is on the leading edge of new ideas, research, and innovation. The 2019 Graduate Research Showcase is a display of engineering research designed to promote the work of our graduate students, and how they are advancing the frontiers of engineering knowledge. Our graduate students will share their work through poster presentations with industry partners, alumni, the media, prospective students, faculty, their peers, and other academic institutions. 
Fri., Feb. 8 | 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. | CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Looking for a summer job or internship? Now is the time to connect with some of the best employers in the country at the Oregon State Career Expo. As a leading research institution with land, sun, space, and sea grants, you are already innovators in your chosen fields. This career fair attracts approximately 130 employers seeking jobs and internships in STEM fields, the arts, humanities, business, and healthcare. 
Wed., Feb. 20 | 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. | CH2M Hill Alumni Center 

MIME Faculty Candidate Seminars

Industrial Engineering:

Destenie Nock - "Power System Planning in Disparate Systems: Modeling Sustainability and Electricity Access"
This talk will explore various options for power grid expansion in both developed and developing countries. I present two papers that focus on approaches to power system planning that help decision makers reach their energy targets. The first part is focused on evaluating the sustainability of a set of generation portfolios. We take a multi-model approach, first determining the reliability of the system overall, then evaluating different generation portfolios based on seven sustainability criteria. The second part focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and energy access in developing countries. We have developed a utility maximization framework that incorporates stakeholder equity preferences into an electricity planning model. This can be used by decision makers to determine the best method of grid expansion to meet electricity access goals subject to system and budget constraints.
Thus., Jan. 24 | 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. | Rogers Hall, Room 226

Design Engineering:

Bradley Camburn - "Disruptive Systems Innovation"
Adaptive and innovative design methods are needed to ensure a sustainable future in the face of emerging complexity. Prototyping is one of the most critical, and often overlooked, aspects of the design process. Prototyping was historically seen as a precursor to manufacturing. This talk will report integrated techniques that add clearer distinctions in types of prototypes beyond the traditional alpha/beta classification. Relationships with cost and value will be highlighted. Additional, new research is reported that expands scientific understanding of prototyping methods and outcome in the integrated innovation process. A key finding is the application of prototypes can be dramatically more effective when executed in earlier phases of design. Insights are reported from controlled laboratory studies as well as in-situ industrial case studies including the development of an orbital class rocket engine. The objective of this work is to empower designers to create novel designs at lower cost.
Tues., Jan. 29| 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. | Rogers Hall, Room 226

Andy Dong - "The elegance and utility of design structures"
Some of the most pivotal scientific discoveries have been about structural forms. Until the double helix structure was discovered, the mechanism by which DNA transmitted biological information was unknown. With the discovery of the structure of the periodic table of the elements, the atomic structure of elements that had not yet even been found could nonetheless be predicted. While the field of engineering is likewise replete with discoveries about the structures of breakthrough designs – then formalized in symbolic representations in equations, diagrams, and domain-specific models – the field was not asking whether there were underlying or recurrent patterns in these designs. The structures of designs and design processes remained locked within the specificities of the problem under consideration even though they could explain other breakthroughs yet to be designed. In my research, I investigate the structures of designs and design processes, and by generating insights into the structures, solve important engineering design problems. In this talk, I present discoveries made by me and my research collaborators about the structures of designs and design processes and the effects those structures have, such as rate of innovation and productivity. I will highlight two concepts that underpin the discovery of these structures – spectral dimensionality reduction and abductive reasoning, the inference that makes discovery possible. I conclude with the implication of this research on mental models for the process of design, with emphasis on the design of complex systems.
Thur., Jan. 31 | 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. | Rogers Hall, Room 226

Jinjuan She - "Human-centered Design for Sustainability and Product Innovation"
This talk will discuss two projects that rely on human-centered design. The first focuses on the early stage of product design regarding sustainability. By using specifically designed features, I demonstrated that design could trigger customers to consider, seek, and value a product’s sustainability, and shift their choices towards more sustainable products. In addition, design techniques based on priming were proposed and tested to be effective in helping designers generate such design features. The second part presents a design practice to fill the gap between customer needs and problem definition in product innovation. It was found that a combination of contextual interview, survey, and journey map could be an effective way to collect and synthesize user research data at the fuzzy front-end. In addition, a visual artifact produced by a team helps to retain a user-centered mindset during cross-functional design brainstorming.
Fri., Feb. 1 | 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. | Rogers Hall, Room 226

Graduate Defenses

"Microfluidic Investigations of Capillary Flow and Surface Phenomena in Porous Polymer Media for 3D Printing," by Katrina J. Donovan, candidate for Ph.D. in Materials Science. Major Professor: Dr. Willie “Skip” Rochefort.
Tues., Feb. 5 | 9 a.m. | Gleeson 306


  • OSU Robotics Club is looking for students to fill some leadership positions within the club. We are currently looking for a Community Outreach Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Photographers, Graphic Designers, and Financial Advisers. If you are interested in applying for one or more of these positions please fill out this  form . We will contact you to set up an interview later this week. If you have any questions please email us at osurcofficers@engr.orst.edu.

  • Oregon Academy of Science welcomes your abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the meeting at Linfield College on February 23, 2019. This is a great opportunity the everyone to learn about your new research results! Please submit your oral and poster abstracts using the required camera-ready format by the January 31 using the link below. Send submissions to Angela Hoffman  hoffman@up.edu by the deadline.  Please don’t count on more than a 1 day extension. Please remember to register for the meeting (on line or at the meeting)! For online registration and abstract submission, go to http://oregonacademyscience.org/join.html.

  • The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) is looking to recruit motivated undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in the ceramic and glass sciences to become a delegate. Information about the PCSA can be found on the PCSA website, as well as in this PCSA flyer. The PCSA is the primary interface between student leaders and the ACerS leadership allowing for networking student leaders may not have otherwise. Participation in the PCSA allows delegates to become involved in ACerS functions, planning, and outreach activities. We would love to see Oregon State University represented in the 2019-20 PCSA class. Selected delegates are required to attend the annual PCSA meeting, held the weekend prior to MS&T 2019 in Portland, Oregon, USA (September 27 - 29, 2019). The PCSA annual meeting gives delegates the chance to network with an international community of industry professionals, leaders in academia, and fellow students. The annual meeting also allows for the opportunity to become more involved in the ACerS community. Interested students should apply online by the application deadline of April 15, 2019 . Please  contact me if you have any questions. Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

  • FE Review Course Open for Registration
    The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) club at Oregon State University is hosting the annual FE Review Course during Winter Term 2019 (exact dates on website, link below). The following subjects are covered: Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Engineering Economics, Electrical Fundamentals, Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Materials Science, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer.  Registration includes access to digital recordings of each lecture and notes on an online file sharing system through Sept. 1, 2019. The cost of the course is $100 if you sign up online before January 12. The cost will be $125 after January 12. If you have any questions, please contact tec@oregonstateiise.org.

  • Columbia University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center - Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) - Summer 2019
    The joint Materials Research Center program at Columbia University and City College of NY (CCNY) supports outstanding undergraduates as Summer Research Fellows each year. In addition, a joint REU program between Columbia and the City University of New York’s Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) may have additional openings. Those selected will have an opportunity to participate fully in an interdisciplinary research program that draws faculty from the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, nearby government laboratories (Brookhaven National Laboratory, etc.), and industry (IBM, etc.). More information at https://mrsec.columbia.edu/reu.


  • The College of Engineering Scholarship application is open until February 15, at https://oregonstate.academicworks.com. This is a single application for scholarships that are reviewed by both the College and your specific program to see if you are eligible for scholarship funds within the College for the 2019-2020 academic year. Note: You  MUST complete the application during this time frame as we do not accept applications at any other time. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our scholarship website at: https://engineering.oregonstate.edu/scholarship-information or contact the Office of Student Services by email: askengineering@oregonstate.edu.
  • Oregon State ScholarDollars
    OSU ScholarDollars is Oregon State University's new online scholarship search and application portal! Starting November 1st, OSU students may use OSU ScholarDollars to submit an application for the nearly $50 million in campus-based scholarship funding available for the 2019-2020 academic year. By submitting one application, you will be considered for over 1,500 OSU scholarship opportunities! Newly-admitted first-year and transfer students may use OSU ScholarDollars to submit a scholarship application for the 2019-2020 academic year. Be sure to register your ONID account to get started!
  • Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship (Application deadline: Feb. 4, 2019): This fund was dedicated in order to provide scholarships for OSU students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year who are actively involved with activities beyond class work, demonstrating they are well‐rounded, contributing members of the OSU community.

    The Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship Fund will award two (2) students a onetime scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 each.

    Application Process: The Schoenstein Sustaining Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding students based on the review and scoring of their application. All applications are due by 11:59 pm on February 4, 2019. Submit your materials electronically to osualum@osualum.com.

    Please provide the following:

    A short essay (no more than 1 page) offering your response to the following question: “In what ways have you contributed as a well‐rounded member of the OSU community?” Be sure to include examples of how your involvement has made an impact in the community.

    A brief description, 1 page, (include roles and highlights of accomplishments) of all of your involvement on campus to include (but not limited to) volunteerism in the OSU community, leadership in the OSU community, campus-based involvement, employment, involvement in student government, clubs/organizations, student leadership programs, community service programs, living group involvement, etc. Think of this as creating a resume of all your activities/experiences BEYOND the classroom.

    Letters of reference from 2 individuals who have direct knowledge of your work/involvement experience outside the classroom. At least one reference must be an OSU staff or faculty member (no family). These letters should address the above criteria as well as describe your leadership attributes. Please email your letters of reference electronically to osualum@osualum.com.

    Contact information. On your essay and involvement description, please include your name, student ID number, phone number and email address, so we can contact you.

    Applicant Rating: Your application will be scored based on the breadth and depth of involvement, as well as impact of the contributions you have made to the OSU community.

    Questions?: Please contact Melissa Yamamoto at melissa.yamamoto@oregonstate.edu or (541) 737-6385.

Internship/Fellowship Opportunities

The Idaho National Laboratory Graduate Fellowship program is a prestigious appointment designed to identify exceptional talent in research areas aligned with INL's strategic agenda to enable the current and future mission of INL. The program, a collaboration between INL and universities, provides mentoring and financial support for outstanding students who are enrolled or plan to enroll in graduate degree programs. Applicants are invited to apply online through the INL Careers website to job posting numbers 12535 and  12584 . The postings will close Feb. 15. A selection committee designated by the associate laboratory directors will review the applications and final selections will be announced in May. More information is available on the INL Graduate Fellowship Program website.

To help our companies connect to people with the right skills, the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership (MEDP) offers the McMinnville WORKS Summer Internship Program. This award-winning program is a 9-week project-based, paid summer internship designed to connect the emerging workforce with career opportunities in the McMinnville, Oregon area. We have nearly 20 intern positions available at 15 host sites.  These positions range from Accounting and Business to Marketing and Project Management to Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering. The application is now open and will close Feb. 15th, 2019. Applicants can apply on our website:  http://www.mcminnvillebusiness.com/internshipapplicationform .

The MIT Materials Research Laboratory and the Materials Research Science & Engineering Center sponsor a summer research internship program for rising junior and senior undergraduates in the science and engineering fields. This challenging program brings promising students to MIT to learn and perform research in laboratories in a broad selection of materials science subfields. In addition to providing a stipend and round-trip travel expenses, we host presentations and group discussions on topics relevant to materials scientists, such as graduate school, careers in materials science, creating effective poster presentations, and management of intellectual property. At the conclusion of the program, the students present their individual research results at a poster session. The summer research internship, offered each year since 1983, affords students an invaluable experience in top-notch cutting edge research. More information at MRL.MIT.edu.

A sampling of recently opened internships from Handshake. Login to see details and create your own saved searches to customize your internship search.#2317507 Summer Internship at Fogarty Institute for Innovation

  • #2320026 Internship - Test Engineer at DEKA Research and Development
  • #2192331 Industrial Designer Intern - Summer 2019 at Garmin International
  • #2322805 2019 Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) - Summer Internship at Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
  • #2319245 Summer Associate Internship Program - New York at AlphaSights
  • #2326045 Summer Intern 2019 - Build Coordinator Intern at Visteon
  • #2331879 Safety Engineering Intern at Port of The Dalles/Gorge Works
  • #2341365 Global Business Development Internship/Co-Op (Summer 2019) at Tesla
  • #2341360 Demand planning Internship/Co-Op (Summer 2019) at Tesla

Job Opportunities

Student job opening for MIME IT Technician:  MIME IT is hiring for one Student IT Technician to assist in supporting the technology in the College of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing.  This includes hardware, software, wireless, network, and some server support.  Please apply online at https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/62853.

The OSU Energy Efficiency Center is hiring Student Energy Analysts. The Energy Efficiency Center offers engineering students a practical professional opportunity to apply and further develop their technical and professional skills while working directly with industrial facilities and peers in performing energy and efficiency assessments. Ideal candidates can commit to working at least one to two academic years and two summers. Candidates are commonly late sophomore or junior year. Special Instructions to Applicants:
- Apply online through PeopleAdmin: https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/70567
- Please complete the survey in the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/qtSy1Z4aMD3EKlYb2
- Email your resume and cover letter to iac-employment@engr.orst.edu

Undergraduate Research Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 school year. We are looking for an energetic team to help undergraduates learn about how to get involved in research and creative partnerships with faculty across campus. As an ambassador, you will work with the Associate Director of Undergraduate Research by serving as a role model and mentor to students interested in research or creative projects, give presentations about how to get involved, develop online resources, plan social and networking opportunities, advise students, and more. The application closes on February 19. Apply at https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/71579

The Office of Admissions employs qualified, currently enrolled undergraduates as paid TOUR Ambassadors and Diversity TOUR Ambassadors. TOUR Ambassadors are often the first point of contact for prospective students and families. TOUR Ambassadors/Diversity TOUR Ambassadors conduct daily campus and housing tours, represent OSU during recruiting events & open houses, and have weekly hours working in the Welcome Center. Diversity TOUR Ambassadors have additional duties specific to multicultural recruitment, including attending application workshops, college fairs and calling prospective students. Successful candidates enjoy working with people, have a wide range of OSU experiences, and a willingness to share these experiences with prospective students and their families. Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply.  Students can get more information about the position here: https://visitosu.oregonstate.edu/ambassadors

Student job opening for Program Assistant: Campus Recycling is hiring for one Student Program Assistant to assist in planning, implementing, assessing, and providing logistical support for waste reduction programs that may include waste audits, research, special event recycling, composting, or others. The position also supports outreach efforts. Applications from students who are underrepresented in or new to the sustainability movement are encouraged. Closes 1/24/19.

Here is a sampling of recently opened jobs from Handshake. Login to see details. Create your own saved searches to optimize your job search.

  • #2314506 Entry-Level Mechanical Engineers at SHINE Medical Technologies
  • #1316563 Project/Production Scheduler at One-Cycle Control, Inc.
  • #1401577 Application Engineer at Radiant Vision Systems
  • #2316174 Quality Assurance Specialist at MS Technology, Inc.
  • #2322920 Model-Based Systems Engineer at AECOM
  • #2326130 Process Controls Engineer at Corning Incorporated
  • #2326541 Production Team Advisor at Schreiber Foods
  • #2327524 Team Leader Production at Lamb Weston
  • #2329331 Entry Level Industrial Engineer at Janicki Industries
  • #2328738 Upstream – Mechanical Engineering Challenger at BP

Faculty and Post-Doc Positions

  • The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey California seeks applications for a faculty associate - research position: Faculty Associate - Research, Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. Additional information about the CAVR and the MAE department can be found at: https://my.nps.edu/web/mae , https://my.nps.edu/web/cavr/welcome

  • California State University Channel Island has several tenure track openings in Computer Science and one in Mechatronics Engineering. Please encourage your graduate students and postdocs to apply.  To apply please follow the link below. Review of applications will begin on Jan 21. https://www.csucifacultyjobs.com/applicants/jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.jsp?time=1544743217265

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