The mission of the MIME Machining and Product Realization Laboratory (MPRL) is to help students develop the practical side of their engineering skill set as they complete their undergraduate or graduate program.

MPRL Mission

The hands-on knowledge imparted in the MPRL enhances student success with both academic coursework and extracurricular projects. And it gives our graduates a clear advantage in entering the workplace as well-rounded, technically savvy engineers.

In addition, MPRL staff support the work of MIME faculty and others across campus by designing and fabricating parts and components needed for teaching and research.


There are a variety of research projects in progress year-round in MIME. The MPRL provides a place for students to explore the many aspects of research, including design, machining, and final assembly. With our skilled staff, outstanding training courses, and excellent equipment, we are able to produce parts that meet or exceed the high level of precision demanded by research.

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Projects completed in the MIME Machining and Product Realization Laboratory range from undergraduate course assignments to faculty research tools. Items may be fabricated from a variety of materials including plastics, composites, ceramics, and metals.

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Student Projects

From pre-engineering to graduate level, MIME students utilize MPRL facilities and expertise for completing course assignments, capstone design projects, research activities, and more. Such efforts may involve a variety of manufacturing techniques including welding, machining, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, and sheet metal work.

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The MIME Machining & Products Realization Laboratory has some of the latest technologies and equipment available for students, faculty and staff to utilize.

We are rigorous in our efforts to ensure that precautions and safeguards are in place to protect users of this equipment from being injured. Both the equipment and facility must be treated with the utmost respect for safety. Safety equipment such as: eye protection, ear protection, gloves, aprons and face shields are available for use.

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MPRL Hours

To ensure physical distancing within the shop workspaces all shop usage requires booking an appointment prior to coming to to work on your project. If you are in a club or organization such as AIAA or SAE, please use the same link below to reserve your workspace.




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MPRL Advanced Manufacturing Equipment Qualifications

The MPRL utilizes many different types of equipment and technology to accomplish the most complex machining task. The goal is to educate and allow students to utilize the resources available. In order to maintain the high standard of knowledge transfer and safety, a qualification system has been put in place. In order to operate any of the specialized equipment, technology, or tooling you must attend a qualification seminar and pass a practical test. To find out what qualifications are required, please refer to the tabulated list below:

I would like to use the: Qualification Required Sticker Color
Shop because I'm an incoming graduate student Shop intro qualification seminar Green
Shop becasue I took ME250 remotely Shop intro qualification seminar Green
Wood Shop Wood shop orientation and safety training Pink
Fadal CNC Vertical Milling Machines CNC readiness seminar, Fadal machine training Light Blue
EZ Trak CNC Vertical Knee Mill CNC readiness seminar, EZ Trak machine training Dark Blue
CNC Router CNC readiness seminar, CNC router training Orange
EZ Path CNC Lathe CNC readiness seminar, EZ Path machine training Purple
HAAS CNC Lathe CNC readiness seminar, HAAS machine training Dark Pink
Wire EDM CNC readiness seminar, Wire EDM machine training Brown
Hardinge Lathes Hardinge machine training None
MIG Welder GMAW machine training Red
TIG Welder GTAW machine training Red
Multipurpose Welder GMAW machine training, GTAW machine training Red
Composites Lab MIME composites lab orientation and use training None
Waterjet Waterjet machine training Fluorescent Yellow
Ply Cutter Autometrix Advantage Cutting System training Burnt Orange
3D-Printers MIME 3D printing Yellow
Ziess DuraMax CMM Calyspo basics training, DuraMax CMM machine training Light Orange





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