Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing EngineeringManufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) focuses on the development of reliable, economically competitive, and environmentally benign manufacturing processes and systems. Topical areas include operations research, computer integrated manufacturing, environmentally responsible manufacturing, simulation, and statistical quality engineering.

  • Operations Research emphasizes the development of quantitative models and techniques for solving complex planning, design, scheduling, and layout decision problems in manufacturing systems.
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing focuses on the use of computers in making manufacturing systems more efficient, for example through capture and analysis of process information, design and control of processing systems, and application of computer intelligence to improve manufacturing processes.
  • Electronics Manufacturing focuses on manufacturing tools and methods associated with electronic process and product development, for example wafer manufacturing, semiconductor processing technologies, integrated circuit design, printed wiring board manufacturing, and surface mount technologies. Associated topics include statistical process control, environmental stewardship, design for manufacturability, supply chain management, production scheduling, and economic analysis are covered.
  • Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing focuses on developing manufacturing processes and systems with minimal environmental impact and that reduce waste, effluents, and pollutants and protect human health and safety.  Associated methodologies and tools include life cycle analysis, process input/output modeling, and design-for-environment approaches.
  • Simulation involves using computers to imitate the operation of manufacturing systems driven by discrete events and to better understand and predict the behavior of systems whose interdependencies and operational complexities preclude analytical analysis. This approach is often used to evaluate designs and re-engineer systems before implementation.
  • Statistical Quality Engineering involves the development and implementation of statistical tools to design or improve process and product performance.

MIME Graduate Faculty in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Javier Calvo-Amodio  •  Toni Doolen  •  Karl Haapala  •  David Kim  •  Logen Logendran  •  David Porter  •  Hector Vergara