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3 Credits
Fall term, even years
Lecture only

MTH 341
Logen Logendran
416 Rogers Hall

Course Description

Techniques for analysis and solution of problems in industrial and management systems. Emphasis on application of linear and integer programming and extensions.


  • Introduction to linear programming (LP)
  • The simplex method
  • The two-phase and big-M methods for LP problems
  • Duality and sensitivity analysis
  • Integer programming

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Describe (identify/write) the underlying concepts of linear programming that can be used to model complex decision problems for identifying an optimal solution.
  2. Develop the theory behind simplex method for solving linear programming problems
  3. Show how the two-phase and big-M methods can be used to solve linear programming problems that involve equality and/or greater-than-or-equal to constraints
  4. Develop the theory for dual problems, and establish the relationships to its primal counterpart.
  5. Show how sensitivity analysis can be used to investigate into the changes to one or more model parameters.
  6. Demonstrate the importance of general, binary, and mixed-integer linear programming problems, and show how they can be implicitly solved using branch-and-bound algorithms.