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4 Credits
Winter & summer term
Lecture only

Senior standing
Chinweike Eseonu
406 Rogers Hall

Course Description

Improvement of organizational performance through the design and implementation of systems that integrate personnel, technological, environmental, and organizational variables. Topics include performance assessment and measurement as well as improvement methodologies.


  • Engineering management functions
  • Engineering management history planning
  • Strategic planning and decision making
  • Forecasting and models of team effectiveness
  • Working on virtual teams I & II
  • Employee selection and development
  • Leadership
  • Employee motivation and evaluations
  • Coaching for performance
  • Performance measurement
  • Managerial challenges in organizations
  • Ethics in a global marketplace
  • Diversity
  • Work life balance
  • Planning your future
  • Globalization

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe (in writing) the most significant challenges faced by engineering managers in organizations in today's global environment. (ABET Outcome J)
  2. Identify key factors in an organization that must be managed to successfully transform an organization. (ABET Outcome C)
  3. Identify and facilitate solutions to ethical dilemmas faced by engineering managers. (ABET Outcome F)
  4. Identify personal growth areas for skills needed to be successful in engineering management. (ABET Outcome I)
  5. Develop and articulate plans for life-long growth and learning. (ABET Outcome I)