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4 Credits
Spring term

ME 250 or MfgE 337;
ENGR 148

Currently not offered

Course Description

The explosion of micro-scale product development in consumer markets including healthcare, communications, defense, energy and electronics, to name a few, has the potential to significantly improve quality of life and personal well-being. In response to this trend, this course focuses on the key issues associated with product miniaturization and micro-engineering. Micro-manufacturing, for the purposes of this course is defined as the creation of high precision 3-dimensional products using a wide variety of engineering materials with feature sizes in the range of tens of micrometers to a few millimeters with extremely tight tolerances for mass production. Emphasis will be placed on micro-scale product design and material-related issues and on mew micro-manufacturing processes in addition to the accompanying trend toward the miniaturization of manufacturing equipment systems. This trend is, with increasing frequency, referred to a the “desktop” or “micro-factory” paradigm. The fundamental scientific and pragmatic technological topics associated with miniaturization will be discussed.


  • Introduction to micro-manufacturing
  • Material and length scaling laws
  • Need for multi-scale modeling
  • Micro-machining, forming, and molding
  • Micro-END, ECM, Laser processing
  • Micro-joining assembly
  • Micro-metrology
  • Miniaturized machines and robots
  • Micro-factories

Learning Outcomes