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4 Credits
Spring term, even years
Lecture only

A first course in fluid dynamics

James Liburdy
310 Rogers Hall

Course Description

An introductory course of the basic physics of turbulent flows, coverage will include statistical methods and physical interpretation of a range of flows including boundary layer flows, internal flows, and environmental flows.


  • Method of scaling for turbulent flows
  • Transport mechanisms and energy measures
  • Free shear flows
  • Boundary layer flows
  • Statistical description of turbulence
  • Spectral dynamics

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use scaling arguments to illustrate the scale separations that occur in turbulent flow.
  2. Use the basic Navier-Stokes equations and vorticity equations to explain the concepts of equilibrium and the mechanisms associated with the energy cascade.
  3. Interpret the energy cascade theory in terms of production and dissipation of turbulence and illustrate how this leads to mixing and dissipation.