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4 Credits
Winter term, even years

Prerequisites Contact
Irem Tumer
116 Covell Hall

Course Description

Introduction to challenges and considerations when designing complex systems. Fundamentals of systems engineering and system level modeling methods used in practice. Models and tools used to enable the use of models for trade studies during the design of complex systems. Model based design environments and methodologies.  Introduction to decision support tools in design.


  • Introduction to complex engineered systems
  • Introduction to complex system design research
  • Model-based systems engineering tools
  • Systems engineering for complex mission design
  • Model-based design: trade space visualization
  • Model-based design: model center
  • Model-based design: design environments
  • Decision-making in design

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Identify major challenges in complex system design
  2. Utilize models during complex system design
  3. Utilize system engineering tools in a complex system design environment
  4. Formulate a research need and conduct research based on identified challenges
  5. Present findings in a professionally written report and an oral presentation