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4 Credits
Spring term

ME 451
Brian Bay
308 Dearborn Hall

Course Description

Techniques for measurement of structural response and material properties. Proper use of rosette strain gauges, load cells, and displacement transducers. Full-field strain measurement using photoelasticity and digital image correlation. Proper implementation of material testing standards. Characterization of anisotropic composite materials.


  • Exploration of experimental solid mechanics as counterpart to strength of materials
  • Theory of elasticity and finite element modeling
  • Experimental assessment of structural response from two perspectives;
    • Measurement of parameters used in analytical predictions
    • Evaluation of predicted results
  • Emphasis placed on evaluation of material structural properties and full-field measurement of strain

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon successful completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Describe the capabilities of contemporary instrumentation for the measurement of force, displacement, and strain
  2. Make appropriate selections for the type and specifications of materials testing equipment
  3. Select and implement appropriate material testing standards, and understand the reasons behind test requirements
  4. Conduct full-field strain measurement experiments using photoelasticy and digital image correlation methods
  5. Conduct experiments to characterize the anisotropic elastic response of fiber-reinforced polymer composites