Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Getting involved and giving back to MIME is about helping prepare, inspire, and empower future generations of engineering students to accomplish the work the world is calling on them to do – just as previous generations of OSU engineering graduates stepped up to help ensure the same advantages and opportunities for you and your peers.

And while financial gifts to support the School are important and always welcomed, there are also many other avenues for getting involved and giving back to MIME.

Sharing your time, knowledge, connections, and experience are also invaluable modes of support and engagement. Attending School and College events to get to know our students, cheering them on at a competition, inviting a few of them to lunch when you're in the area, giving a talk at a student chapter meeting -- these are also important ways to "be there" for the School of MIME.

Here are a few ways that MIME alumni engage with our students and programs:

  • Participate in the MIME IAB Professional Development Series
  • Mentor an MIME student
  • Line up an engineering internship
  • Arrange a company tour
  • Take some MIME students to lunch when you're in the area
  • Help out at an engineering competition
  • Provide review feedback on MIME student writing or oral presentations
  • Host a gathering for MIME alumni living in your area

If any of these avenues sound appealing, or if you have some other ideas for getting involved and giving back, please indicate your interests on our Alumni Support Network Form, and we'll contact you to follow up.