Degrees Offered

The School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) offers the following graduate degrees:

Master of Engineering (MEng) Master of Science (MS) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Industrial Engineering (IE)
IE Engineering Management (online-only degree program)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Materials Science (MATS)
Robotics (ROB)
  • The Master of Engineering (MEng) degree is a coursework-only (non-thesis) degree. The course requirements for this degree may be completed in one calendar year.
  • The Master of Science (MS) degree involves a combination of graduate level coursework and research in the form of a project or thesis. Typically, MS degrees take two years to complete.
  • The PhD degree involves additional coursework beyond the Master's degree and a focus on fundamental research that culminates in a doctoral dissertation. The dissertation can be composed in either a conventional format or a manuscript-based format that includes three or more peer-reviewed publications as part of the dissertation document.
  • For most MIME programs, an MS degree is not required for admission into the PhD program. However, for Industrial Engineering a Masters is required for admission into the PhD program.
  • Typically, PhD degrees take three to five years to complete.