Academic Advisors are located in the School of MIME Student Services Office - 238 Rogers Hall

Welcome!  We cannot wait to meet with you, whether it be for a quick question or update in a drop-in, or for a longer meeting in an appointment:


Are you not able to register for a class you think should be able to? Do you want to “S/U” a class? Did something come up you weren’t expecting and have questions on where to go? Did a test go awesome and you want a high-five? Did a test go a little rough and need to talk out options? These reasons and more are all reasons to come in for a drop-in. We cannot issue PINs during drop-ins because those conversations tend to go a little longer.

Drop-in hours: 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.



Do you need to meet with an advisor to receive your PIN to register for the next quarter? Do you have a lot going on and feel like the appointment warrants longer time than a quick “drop-in” question? Do you want plan out a few years’ worth of courses? Make an appointment by clicking on an advisor’s schedule below.  

If you are coming in for your PIN, please be sure to have updated your Planner in MyDegrees for the current quarter, plus two more quarters. Click here for resources to help with updating your Planner.


Chris Brakke Cassie Pritkin

John Barber

Phone: 541-737-0701

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Chris Brakke


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Laurie Huffman

Phone: 541-737-9833

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Amy Leeds

Phone: 541-737-3238

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Cassie Pitkin
MIME Head Advisor

Phone: 541-737-7991

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* Please use your oregonstate email account and include your OSU ID number in your email.
** See no-show policy

PIN Distribution

All students need a PIN to register for fall, winter and spring terms (no PIN needed for summer). How you receive your PIN will depend on the quarter; it will either be emailed to you or you will need to meet with an MIME advisor to receive it. You will receive an email the Friday before Week 1 of every quarter from the MIME Head Advisor. This email will indicate whether or not you will need to meet with advisor to receive your PIN or whether it will be emailed.  If you have questions about this or did not receive the email, please contact Cassie Pitkin at

No-Show Policy

Students who do not show up for their scheduled advising appointment, and who did not cancel that appointment at least 12 hours in advance will be marked as a no-show. Students who have a subsequent no-show in the 12 months following a no-show will not receive their registration PIN until the last Monday of phase one priority registration.