We have some updates as of Fall Quarter 2019! You are still very much in charge of and responsible for your education. The updates come from how we are supporting you in the pursuit of your degree. When you arrive for your PIN appointment, you no longer need to have anything printed. We do, however, expect you to plan and update the current quarter plus two more terms in MyDegrees Planner. Here’s why:

  • Planner keeps your course projections in one place, so you know exactly what you planned the last time you registered (and don’t have to keep track of a paper).
  • Planner gives MIME and the College of Engineering data about how many students are planning to take certain courses in each term.
  • Advisors have access to your planned courses in MyDegrees.
  • The other schools in the College of Engineering have found success with this tool…you may remember it from the COE First Year Advising Office if you were here for this part of your education.

If you are unfamiliar with Planner, watch this video.

What mechanism you use to update Planner is up to you. Please see the Academic Plan below, which has been previously used, as well as a flowchart for each major.  

Major Academic Plans and Program Guides Additional useful links:
Energy Systems Engineering (ESE)

Meet advising team, and schedule an appointment

ESE course descriptions

Industrial Engineering (IE)

Meet advising team, and schedule an appointment

IE course descriptions

Manufacturing Engineering (MfgE)
If MfgE was officially added to your MyDegrees profile prior to summer 2018, use one of the plans below:

Meet advising team, and schedule an appointment

MfgE course descriptions

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Meet advising team, and schedule an appointment

ME course descriptions


















NOTICE: Effective Summer 2019, the College of Engineering now operates undergraduate majors under an academic progression model, replacing the Pre/Professional model that began in 1981. Watch this video to learn more, or schedule an appointment with an advisor. Students enrolled prior to Summer of 2019 may opt-in to the model by meeting with an advisor.