Transferring Courses for Graduate Credit

Students who have earned a BS degree at OSU or at another institution and who took graduate courses during their undergraduate degree but did not use those credits toward degree completion may, at the discretion of their graduate committee, transfer those credits for use toward an OSU master’s degree. An exception to this rule is given to students admitted to the Accelerated Master’s Platform (AMP) program before graduate-level courses are taken as an undergraduate.

Students who have earned graduate credits at another institution that have not been used toward degree completion for any other degree should consult with their major professor about the possibility transferring those credits.

Students who have earned a master's degree from an institution other than Oregon State University may not transfer any credits used toward completion of their first degree toward a master’s degrees at Oregon State University.

Students who have earned a master's degree from Oregon State University may apply up to 15 credits of master’s coursework toward a second master’s degrees at Oregon State University.

At the discretion of a student’s graduate committee, any graded, graduate-level work completed beyond those used to complete a bachelor’s degree may be transferred for use toward degree completion of a doctoral degree. 

Prior to finalizing their program of study, students should first submit the Transfer Credit Request form for the courses taken outside of OSU which they intend to transfer onto their program of study.