Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Welcome to graduate studies in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. We look forward to helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. As an incoming graduate student, you will need to complete each of the specified tasks. Please review the procedures listed below.

***ALERT: It is perfectly normal for your class registration to be locked -- until your undergraduate degree is certified and your final transcripts are received at the OSU Graduate School! ***

Please note, students studying online only should follow this Guide for Ecampus Students

Prior to the Start of Your First Term at Oregon State University

  1. Follow the instructions that accompanied your letter of acceptance from Oregon State.

  2. Obtain an OSU ID Card at the University ID Center (Room 103, Memorial Union). (To locate the Memorial Union and other buildings around campus, use the Campus Map.)

  3. Check in at the MIME Graduate Student Services office (114 Dearborn Hall) to let us know that you have arrived and to provide local contact information.

  4. New International Graduate Students: Complete any additional procedures listed on the Orientation and Arrival Information on the International Programs website.

  5. Check the relevant Events for Incoming MIME Graduate Students.

  6. Review courses taught by School of MIME faculty, the courses required for your area of interest, and select courses to take in your first term. Verify that you satisfy the course prerequisites and that there are no schedule conflicts.

  7. Meet with the appropriate research faculty member to discuss your proposed course schedule. If you have GRA offer and know your faculty mentor (major professor), please contact that person directly.  If you do not have a faculty mentor (major professor), please contact the appropriate faculty member listed below:

    • Advanced Manufacturing students: Karl Haapala, Advanced Manufacturing area lead
    • Industrial Engineering students: David Kim, Industrial Engineering Graduate program chair and area lead
    • Materials Science students: David Cann, director, Materials Science Program
    • Mechanical Engineering students: Meet with the faculty lead in your concentration area:
      • Thermal–Fluids: Jim Liburdy
      • Robotics & Control: Cindy Grimm
      • Design: Matt Campbell
      • Materials Mechanics: Brian Bay
    • Robotics students: Cindy Grimm, Robotics program chair
    • Master of Engineering students (coursework only / non-research), Lynn Paul, MIME head advisor for Graduate Programs
    • Register for the upcoming term. Follow the registration instructions found in the General Catalog & Schedule of Classes

  8. If you have received a GTA or GRA graduate assistantship offer letter from the School of MIME, contact Stephanie Grigar (114 Dearborn Hall) to schedule an appointment to fill out paperwork, sign up for payroll, etc. Bring the following items to your appointment.
        • Photo identification (driver's license, valid passport, or OSU ID card)
        • Social Security card
        • Voided check or savings account statement
        • For international students only: passport and papers

    • Take care of your ethical research training now! OSU requires all graduate students to be trained in the ethical conduct of research. This is a great thing to get out of the way before classes begin. You will be glad you did this early.

    As You Begin Your Graduate Program

    1. Review the following resources for information about the Graduate School, details of your program of study, and student life at OSU:

    2. Learn about the MIME Faculty associated with your graduate program, and schedule meetings with those whose research and teaching pursuits most closely match your interests.

    By the End of Your First Term

    1. Select your major professor. You must select a major professor by the end of your first term. Find a faculty member whose research and teaching interests are appropriate and who is willing to advise you and supervise your studies at Oregon State.

    2. In consultation with the School of MIME graduate advisor and/or your major professor, develop a tentative program of study using the appropriate Program of Study Form (MS, MEng, or PhD).