The School of MIME offers graduate research assistantships (GRA) and graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) to highly qualified applicants. It is important to note that all GRA and GTA positions are allocated by individual faculty members, and are therefore dependent on individual faculty members’ funded research activities. Students who wish to be considered for GTA or GRA positions must apply by the School of MIME priority deadline (December 31).

Decisions on GRA and GTA positions are separate from admissions decisions.

All applicants meeting the priority deadline are given full consideration for assistantships – you do not need to apply separately.

Decisions about assistantship positions for fall admission are typically made in early March. However, new funding becomes available throughout the calendar year and thus additional assistantship positions may be offered in the months prior to the start of fall term. After being accepted into the graduate program, it would be appropriate to contact faculty members whose research matches you interests to inquire whether they have funding available.