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Title Specialty Area(s) Research Interests
Graham Tewksbury Dr. Tewksbury’s research interests are metal additive manufacturing, physical simulation of metals, and microstructural characterization of nonferrous alloys.
Julie Tucker Julie Tucker


Degradation of materials in extreme environments; alloy development; integrated computational and experimental approaches
Kagan Tumer Kagan Tumer


Learning, optimization and control in large complex systems; learning and coordination in multiagent systems; distributed reinforcement learning; evolutionary algorithms for control and optimization
Irem Tumer Irem Y. Tumer


Risk-based and model-based design; system analysis and optimization; uncertainty modeling during design as applied to complex engineering system
Hector Vergara Hector Vergara

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Operations research methods for problems in transportation, logistics and distribution, supply chain design and optimization, facility location, and network design. Large scale optimization and optimization under uncertainty.
Richard Wirz Richard Wirz


Space electric propulsion, plasma physics, plasma-material interactions, spacecraft and space mission design, plasma medicine, and clean energy.
Donghua Xu Donghua Xu


Multi-scale modeling (including code and algorithm development) of irradiation damage and experimental validation; fabrication, devitrification and properties of metallic glasses