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Title Specialty Area(s) Research Interests
Burak Sencer

Advanced Manufacturing

Precision motion control, and optimal trajectory generation for multi-axis machine tools, and intelligent machining process control
Kendra Sharp

ThermalFluid Sciences

Experimental fluid mechanics; mixing; flow diagnostic techniques; multi-phase flows; microfluidics for biological and energy applications; sustainable energy for developing countries; international emphases in engineering research and education
Belinda Batten Belinda A. Batten


Computational methods for controlling and optimizing distributed parameter systems; mathematical modeling; numerical analysis; dynamics and control of autonomous vehicles and wave energy devices
Bahman Abbasi Bahman Abbasi

Energy Systems Engineering
Thermal-Fluid Sciences

Water-energy nexus; control systems in thermal-fluid applications; advanced metals and materials
Joe Davidson Joe Davidson Integrated robotic systems for labor-intensive applications requiring physical interaction in unstructured environments.
Ali Tabei Ali Tabei Computational integration of materials’ microstructural evolution and manufacturing processes, synthesis of nanomaterials, and semiconductor processing and modeling.