ATRIAS 2.0 Monopod


ATRIAS 2.0 is the second physical realization of the ATRIAS concept of an actuated spring mass walking, running and jumping bipedal robot. Built as a monopod, the 2.0 version is an engineering design revision of the original ATRIAS 1.0 monopod. Significant changes include incorporation of a harmonic drive transmission instead of a cable drive, a larger torso to house on board electronics, batteries and the hip motors (these motors drive the toes together or apart). This prototype will lead to multiple 3D bipedal versions that will be used for research at Oregon State University, University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University.

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CAD Models

You can download a complete set of CAD files (SolidWorks) for the robot. With these files, you can have all of the parts of the robot machined.