oregon state school of mechanical, industrial and manufacturing engineeringAfter successfully completing their preliminary examination, IE PhD candidates should work closely with their major professor and (as appropriate) other graduate committee members to define a problem area and complete a final research proposal. At a minimum, this proposal should include an introduction, problem statement, literature review, and methodology.

When a student and his or her major professor agree that the research proposal is ready for distribution, the student must provide each committee member with a bound copy of the research proposal and schedule a research proposal meeting (typically two hours in length) to defend the proposal. Committee members should have at least two weeks to read and review the proposal prior to the meeting. Possible results of the meeting are a pass ( in which case the student may proceed with the proposed research), a request for minor revisions ( in which case the student may proceed with the proposed research after completing the revisions), or a request for major revisions that would require a second research proposal meeting.