Ean H. Ng
416 Rogers Hall
Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Engineering Management


  • Ph.D., Systems and Engineering Management, Texas Tech University, 2010
  • MS, Industrial Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2004
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, Montana State University, 2002


  • Director of Conference, American Society for Engineering Management, 2017-2020
  • Associate Editor, Engineering Management Journal, 2017

Research Interests:

Dr. Ng’s research interests lie at the intersection of engineering economics, performance measurement and decision theory. Her research focuses on measuring factors that are crucial to organizational improvement but have been traditionally deemed unmeasurable, such as the cost of safety in a workplace, quantifying improvement strategy outcomes, and predicting project failures and managing project termination.


Ean Ng is an assistant professor of Industrial Engineering at Oregon State University. Prior to her current position, Ean was the program director for the online engineering management program since the program inception and a senior researcher at Oregon State. 

Her previous funded research includes economic modeling of the use of advanced technologies (mobile LiDAR, e-Construction, etc) in roadway construction and maintenance, economic modeling of a continuing education provider’s business model, assessment of continuous improvement effort in manufacturing organization, and quantifying the relationship between safety culture and the actual safety outcome in high risk workplace.

She has been at Oregon State since 2013.