Ali Tabei
218 Dearnborn Hall
Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Assistant Professor of Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing


  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, 2015

Research Interests:

Dr. Tabei’s interdisciplinary research is focused on understanding the mutual interactions between manufacturing process parameters and materials’ microstructure and properties. The laboratory of materials and manufacturing utilizes both computational methods and experimental analyses to investigate the manufacturing and materials correlations. 


Having earned his B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, in 2015 Dr. Ali Tabei received a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Afterward, he continued his academic research as a post-doctoral fellow for one year. Later, he served as a senior research engineer at the ATI Corporation, working on developing manufacturing routes and new high-temperature alloys. In his early research career, Dr. Tabei investigated the synthesis of nanomaterials and semiconductor processing methods. His most recent works link manufacturing and materials science via computational and experimental tools. He joined Oregon State University as an assistant professor in Fall 2018. 

Selected Publications:

  • A. Tabei, F. Abed et al. Constitutive modeling of Ti-6Al-4V at a wide range of temperatures and strain rates, European Journal of Mechanics 63 (2017), 128-135
  • A. Tabei, Z. Pan et al. Modeling of Ti-6Al-4V machining force considering material microstructure evolution, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 9 (2017), 2673-2680
  • A. Tabei, H. Garmestani, S. Liang. Dynamic Recrystallization of Al Alloy 7075 in Turning, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 138 (2016), 071010
  • A. Tabei, S. Liang et al.  Micro-texture evolution in aggressive machining of al alloy 7075, Materials and Manufacturing Processes 31 (2016), 1709-1717
  • A. Tabei, D.S. Li et al. Investigation of precipitate refinement in Mg alloys by an analytical composite failure model, Mechanics of Materials, 89 (2015) 59-71
  • A. Tabei, H. Garmestani et al., Microstructure reconstruction and homogenization of porous Ni-YSZ composites for temperature dependent properties, Journal of Power Sources 235(2013), 74-80
  • A. Tabei, S. Seifikar et al. Growth of (111) oriented NiFe2O4 polycrystalline thin films on Pt (111) via sol-gel processing, Journal of Applied Physics 112-6 (2012), 063908