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March 6, 2017

This Week's Features

Soft robots to be featured at Corvallis Science Pub
Inspired by animals that slither, swim and crawl, engineers are designing new robotic systems as soft as skin and muscle. At the Corvallis Science Pub on Monday, March 13, Yiğit Mengüc, assistant professor in the Oregon State University College of Engineering, will show how he uses 3D printing, biodegradable rubber and other materials to produce robots with the agility of geckos and the flexibility of snakes. OSU news release

Batten Named Executive Associate Dean
Belinda Batten has been appointed the College of Engineering’s Executive Associate Dean effective March 1, 2017. Belinda leaves her role as Director of the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) to join the college's leadership team. She is also a professor of robotics and control in mechanical engineering.

Gess receives grant to develop electronics thermal management course
Congratulations to assistant professor Joshua Gess on receiving a Learning Innovation Grant and a Margaret E. and Thomas R. Meehan Oregon State University Honors College Course Development Grant to develop a lab course dedicated to current trends in electronics thermal management. Through this course, students will gain a complete understanding of current trends in electronics cooling, as well as practical working knowledge of how these technologies are realistically integrated into packages. The student experience will be enhanced by applying fundamental scientific principles to real systems, interfacing with industry at every step of the way.

OSU Robotics Club showcases new creation
According to Jonathon Hurst, an associate professor of robotics in the Oregon State University College of Engineering, Cassie is a bipedal robot, meaning she has two legs, that was created to demonstrate and explore locomotion, and could eventually take on a helpful role in society. In order to understand and create locomotion, the team needed to base their designs on animals, according to Andrew Abate, a Ph.D. student in robotics. The Daily Barometer

Mark Your Calendar

ASME 3DPrinted Car Derby
Come race 3D printed cars in a fun and exciting way to apply your engineering design skills. Challenge your friends or just watch the competition, all are welcome! Dimensions must follow Club Scout rules. There will be distance jump and a speed competition. Food and games will be provided!
Mon., Mar 6 | 6-10 pm | Covell 216

Corvallis Science Pub: Soft robots
Inspired by animals that slither, swim and crawl, engineers are designing new robotic systems as soft as skin and muscle. Yiğit Mengüc, assistant professor in the Oregon State University College of Engineering, will show how he uses 3D printing, biodegradable rubber and other materials to produce robots with the agility of geckos and the flexibility of snakes.
DATE: Monday, March 13 | 6 p.m. | Old World Deli, 341 S.W. 2nd St., Corvallis

New Date and Now Offering a VIP Tour!
SWE Evergreen Space Museum Tour
Enjoy learning about lunar rovers, global space programs, the Spruce Goose, and other aerospace topics during a guided tour of the Evergreen Air & Space Museums hosted by the museum’s Director of Education. This special VIP tour for SWE will include opportunities to sit in the cockpit of several aircraft, get up close and personal with the spy plane, hear about women in aviation, and other engineering-specific details. The museum is great for all ages so bring your friends and family and make a day of it! All are welcome.
Saturday, March 18 | 1:00 p.m. | Evergreen Air and Space Center, McMinnville 


Robotics Faculty Candidate Lectures

  • Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 10:00 am in Rogers 226
    Data Science Faculty Candidate: Dr. Abdallah Chehade
    Lecture: Data-Driven Approaches for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Analysis
  • Thursday, March 10, 2017 at 10:00 am in Rogers 226
    Robotics Faculty Candidate: Dr. Michael Posa
    Lecture: Optimizing For Control and Planning Through Experience and Generalization
  • Thursday, March 10, 2017 at 1:00 pm in Rogers 440
    Materials Science Faculty Candidate: Dr. Mirmilad Mirsayar
    Lecture: Strain-Based Criteria for Brittle Fracture Assessment of Engineering Materials
  • Monday, March 13, 2017 at 10:00 am in Rogers 226
    Robotics Faculty Candidate: Dr. Brad Hayes
    Lecture: TBD
  • Monday, March 20, 2017 at 10:00 am in Rogers 226
    Materials Science Faculty Candidate: Dr. Solomon Boakye-Yiadom
    Lecture: TBD

Friday, March 10
MIME Graduate Defense: “Experimental Investigation of Supercritical Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide in Parallel Square Microchannels with a Single-Wall Constant Heat Flux Boundary Condition,” by Kyle R. Zada, candidate for Master of Science in Thermal-Fluid Sciences. Major Professor: Dr. Brian M. Fronk. 9:00 AM, Rogers 230.

Monday, March 13
MIME Graduate Defense: “Incorporating Uncertainty in Truckload Relay Network Design,” by Zahra Mokhtari, candidate for PhD in Industrial Engineering. Major Professor: Dr. Hector Vergara. 11:00 AM, Rogers 226.

NEW! 2017 INORE North American Symposium
Graduate students, early-stage researchers, and young professionals in offshore renewable energy are invited to four days of research sharing, idea exchange, workshops, and site visits in a dynamic and informal environment. Meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the world specializing in offshore renewable energy, including: technology and engineering of offshore renewable energy devices; environmental monitoring and sustainability of marine renewables; marine resource assessment; policy and human dimensions of offshore renewable energy. Thanks to our sponsors, symposium activities, food, and lodging are free for attendees. Application deadline: March 17, 2017.
RE North American Symposium | May 18 - 22 | Oregon State University | Free

Call for Papers: IESM 2017 Conference
Papers accepted and presented at the IESM 2017 are eligible for consideration for publication in the 55th anniversary issue of IJPR, International Journal of Production Research. Deadline full paper submission: Mar 31, 2017.

Sunshine and summertime – plan for your best summer yet!
Take full advantage of summer at Oregon State – where flexible class lengths allow you time to study, work, travel and play! All qualifying students pay in-state tuition during summer term – so talk to your academic advisor today and plan on making 2017 your best summer yet! Learn how you can do it all this summer at summer.oregonstate.edu.

2018-19 Fulbright Scholars
The 2018-19 Fulbright Scholar Catalog of Awards is now live and searchable by region, country or discipline. Join nearly three dozen OSU faculty who have received Fulbright awards in just the past ten years, and over 250,000 individuals (scholars and students, both U.S. and International) who have participated in this quintessential “mutual exchange of people and ideas between the U.S. and other countries” since its inception in 1946.

Digital Photography for Engineering Students
This course covers the technical and practical aspects of photography with an emphasis on developing visual language skills and developing an individual creative voice. This section is targeted specifically toward engineering students. In this studio course, you learn how to take advantage of digital photography in the realm of engineering through assignments, class projects, hands-on experiences, and studio practice.
Art 263 Section 3 | Tues & Thurs 16:00-17:00 | Fairbanks 104

Alternative spring break volunteer opportunity
The Corvallis chapter of ChickTech is looking for some fabulous volunteers to help with a virtual reality (VR) workshop during the first few days of spring break. These volunteers would help us lead activities with middle and high school students in the 4-H/Juntos program (Juntos is a program that supports students and their parents in the Latinx community). Activities will involve working with Google Cardboard and 360 cameras to generate photospheres and videos. No prior experience is necessary, although fluency in Spanish is a plus! The event will take place March 27th-28th in Hood River and the Dalles, Oregon (we will also be hanging out in the gorge on the 29th for fun). ChickTech and Juntos will provide transportation, food, and lodging for all volunteers. We will be carpooling from Corvallis the morning of the 27th and returning the afternoon of the 29th. If you are interested, please email Margaret Mellinger at margaret.mellinger@oregonstate.edu or call her at 541-760-8015.

Scholarships, REUs and Fellowships

INCLUSION (Incubating a New Community of Leaders Using Software, Inclusion, Innovation, Interdisciplinary and OpeN-Science) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
In INCLUSION, pairs of students will work on socially-impactful research centered around open source software, guided by pairs of mentors. The nation’s premier academic supercomputing center, NCSA, located on the campus of one of the nation’s top public land-grant universities, the University of Illinois, wants you, the nation’s future scientist and collaborator, to work with our experts in software development and deployment for 10 weeks to help you learn about software as a part of research! Application deadline: March 13.

Entrepreneurial Research Experience for Undergraduates
Have you ever considered starting your own business, seeking a patent for one of your ideas, or are interested in cutting edge research and translating those ideas to the marketplace? If so, UConn’s Entrepreneurial REU is for you! The aim of this E-REU is to provide students with a truly integrated research and entrepreneurship training experience, giving them both depth in fundamental engineering research, as well as breadth in entrepreneurial skills. As part of this REU, you will take part in cutting edge research on commercializable ideas with UConn faculty, as well as participate in an entrepreneurship program developed by co-PI and UConn’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Dr. Hadi Bozorgmanesh. Application deadline: March 15, 2017.

Nano-Research Experience for Undergraduates
To realize the scientific advances promised by a new era of atomic-level control over materials and devices , expertise from interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds will not only be required, but will remain a significant issue of national importance. This REU site will initiate a school of engineering-wide program at the University of Connecticut to engage talented minority and community college undergraduate participants in cutting edge experimental and computational nanotechnology research. This highly interdisciplinary research is centered at the University of Connecticut’s School of Engineering and Institute of Materials Science. Application deadline: March 15, 2017.

Hydro Research Foundation 2017 Awards Program
The Hydro Research Foundation makes one-year awards to students researching conventional or pumped storage hydropower through a grant from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program of the U.S. Department of Energy. Apply by March 15, 2017.

Milwaukee School of Engineering REU Site: Advances in Additive Manufacturing and BIO /Nano Applications
Funded by the National Science Foundation, MSOE’s Rapid Prototyping Consortium and the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, our REU program focuses on understanding and utilizing additive manufacturing and fluid power technology that cuts across many disciplines while developing skills in research methodology and communication. As part of MSOE’s REU program, you’ll research projects advancing state-of-the-art applications in the biomedical, aerospace, architectural, manufacturing, composite, biomolecular, electro-optical, and fluid power industries. Application deadline: March 17, 2017.

Job and Internship Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Position
The CIRE and Propulsion Laboratories are looking for an undergraduate student to work hourly on forest fire research who has a current red card. Interested students should send their resume to Dr. Blunck at David.Blunck@oregonstate.edu

These MIME-related job opportunities are a selection of what is available at the OSU Beaver Careers postings, listed in order of closing date:

  • Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education has Research Experiences/Internships Location: various Job ad expires on: 3/16/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 11254
  • Target Corporation seeks an Operations Intern Location: Albany, OR Job ad expires on: 3/17/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16253
  • SIEMENS CORPORATION seeks a Technical Sales Development Program Intern Location: Portland, OR Job ad expires on: 3/18/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16267
  • Precision Castparts Corp. has an Operations Management Development Program Location: various Job ad expires on: 3/19/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16308
  • Precision Castparts Corp. has a Co-op and Internship Program Location: various Job ad expires on: 3/19/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16310
  • Idaho National Laboratory has a University/College Internships Location: Idaho Falls Job ad expires on: 3/25/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 15324
  • Oracle Corporation seeks a Manufacturing Engineer Location: Hillsboro, OR Job ad expires on: 3/28/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16129
  • Hewlett Packard seeks an Industrial Engineer Intern Location: Corvallis OR Job ad expires on: 3/31/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16489
  • Near Space Corporation seeks a Product Development Engineer Location: Tillamook, Oregon Job ad expires on: 3/31/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16571
  • Texas Instruments seeks a Technical Sales & Product Marketing Engineer FT & Intern Location: Nationwide Job ad expires on: 3/31/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16011
  • Moss Adams seeks a Cost Segregation Summer Intern 2017 Location: Portland, OR and Irvine, CA Job ad expires on: 4/1/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16515
  • Glumac seeks a Mechanical Engineer Location: Corvallis, Oregon Job ad expires on: 4/1/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16508
  • Paradigm Construction LLC seeks a Project Engineer Location: Honolulu Job ad expires on: 4/14/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 10782
  • E. & J. Gallo seeks an Operations Technical Safety Intern Location: Modesto, CA Job ad expires on: 4/21/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16274
  • E. & J. Gallo seeks an Engineering Intern Location: Modesto, CA Job ad expires on: 4/21/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16340
  • E. & J. Gallo seeks a Process Technology Engineering Intern Location: Modesto, CA Job ad expires on: 4/21/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16341
  • Flonomix seeks a Trainee Location: Hillsboro, Oregon Job ad expires on: 4/22/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 17027
  • Union Pacific Railroad seeks an Engineering Manager (Structures) Operations Management Training Program Location: Nationwide Job ad expires on: 4/27/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16161
  • Sustainable Mechanical Systems seeks a Sales Engineer Location: Portland, OR Job ad expires on: 5/1/2017 Beaver Careers ID: 16296

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