Projects completed in the MIME Machining and Product Realization Laboratory range from undergraduate course assignments to faculty research tools. Items may be fabricated from a variety of materials including plastics, composites, ceramics, and metals. The following MPRL equipment facilitates this work:

  • 9 engine lathes
  • 10 vertical milling machines
  • 4 CNC vertical milling machine centers (3-axis, one 4-axis)
  • 2 CNC turning (lathe) center
  • Electro Arc Metal Disintegrating Machine
  • EDM burning machine
  • MIG and TIG welders
  • Sheet metal fabrication tooling
  • Dimension BST Rapid Prototyping Machine
  • Fortus 400mc Rapid Prototyping Machine
  • Wood sawing and shaping tools

The MPRL also uses a variety of CAD/CAM software tools, including Solid Works for and EdgeCam, for solid modeling and computer-aided manufacturing.