Dear Alumni, Friends and Partners:

Thank you for all that you do for our school.

Along with the many other forms of support you contribute, your monetary donations are instrumental in helping us continue to educate high-caliber engineering students who are superbly equipped for leadership roles and workplace success. Such donations support a wide variety of MIME programs and resources, including undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, industrial research, capstone design programs, extracurricular activities, the facilities we use to educate our students, and more. We simply can't do it without you.

At this time, the school's fundraising priorities are focused on three areas of need:

  1. Faculty Support. The school is hiring new faculty to better serve our growing student body. It is our third year of growth and hiring. In order to attract top-notch faculty that are both talented educators and excellent researchers, we need resources to support faculty (e.g., laboratory equipment, seed funding for research activities, travel for educational training programs) and endowed positions that recognize accomplishments and make OSU a competitive employment option.
  2. Facilities Support. MIME is growing. To keep pace with our rapidly expanding student population – and the new faculty and staff we are hiring to support this truly exceptional growth of our programs – we are actively expanding facilities. We recently renovated Graf Hall to support a multidiscplinary state-of-art Robotics research hub.
  3. Graduate Fellowships.  Accompanying our tremendous growth at the undergraduate level is growth in our graduate programs. With the addition of new faculty, we need funds to offer premier fellowships to attract the best and brightest students from across the nation. To be competitive, we need to be able to offer these students four-year fellowships at $30,000 per year.

Please consider supporting MIME by making a donation to the MIME Excellence Fund. This fund is used to support the priorities of the school as outlined above. As an Excellence Fund donor, you'll be invited to an annual stakeholders meeting at which you will hear directly from our students, faculty, and school head regarding the status of the school, the uses of your gifts, and our upcoming needs. 

And of course, for those who would prefer to contribute to other aspects of MIME programs and operations, we welcome gifts directed to those areas as well.

With thanks and appreciation,

The Faculty, Staff, and Students of MIME