olivia girod giving presentation

MIME senior Olivia Girod discusses her MECOP internship at Intel during a Society of Manufacturing Engineers "Internship Presentation Night" in Portland.

Industry-led internship programs not only provide valuable work-readying experience for engineering students; in many cases, they also lead to job offers after graduation.

For MIME undergraduates, perhaps the best-known industry-based program is the Multiple Engineering Co-op Program (MECOP), which places participants in two paid 6-month internships during their third and fourth years of study.

But if you need or prefer another kind of internship structure or schedule than that associated with MECOP, don't despair. Many other options for gaining on-the-job engineering experience are also available.

In conducting your industry internship search, be sure to take advantage of the resources listed below. All of these serve as excellent staring points.

But at the same time, keep your eyes open to other tools and pathways for finding the right situation for you. As noted on the COE Website's Industry Internships Page (which you must be sure to have a look at), students who are proactive about identifying and networking with companies and organizations in their chosen fields are more likely to secure productive and meaningful internship experiences.