Availability of Assistantships and Applying for Assistantships

The School of MIME offers graduate research assistantships (GRA) and graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) to highly qualified applicants. All GRA and GTA positions are allocated by individual faculty members. Contact the faculty members with research activities that match your interests and academic/research experience. Decisions on GRA and GTA positions are separate from admissions decisions. All applicants are given full consideration for assistantships – you do not need to apply separately.  Decisions about assistantship positions for Fall admission are typically made in early March. However, new funding becomes available throughout the calendar year, and additional assistantship positions may be offered in the months prior to the start of Fall term. 

For those applicants looking to receive financial support to cover the costs of attending graduate school, the School of MIME offers

a) one-year School of MIME fellowships, and

b) graduate teaching and research assistantships to help students finance their education.

These options are described below, along with a variety of other support sources that we would also encourage you to explore.

School-based Support

One-Year School of MIME Fellowships

Each year, the School of MIME grants several one-year fellowships to highly qualified incoming graduate students. Grantees receive a $3,000 fellowship and a 0.49 FTE graduate teaching assistantship, which includes a tuition waiver and monthly stipend. MIME Fellowship recipients are selected by the MIME graduate faculty; no student application process is involved.

MIME Graduate Assistantships

The School of MIME offers graduate teaching and research assistantships (GTAs and GRAs) to qualified MS and PhD students. Students pursuing MEng degrees are not eligible for assistantships.

Graduate assistantships provide a tuition waiver and monthly stipend that varies depending on job responsibilities and appointment level (typically 0.30–0.49 FTE, or full-time equivalency).

  • Graduate teaching assistants assist faculty in course lectures, lab sessions, grading, and/or other course delivery-related tasks. Qualified applicants will have excellent English communication skills and a strong background in the subject matter of courses with which they assist. International students who apply for GTA appointments must have a Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) score of 22 or higher for their speaking sub-score. Appointment decisions are made by individual faculty members, and offers are typically issued in March or April for positions starting the following fall term. 
  • Graduate research assistants assist graduate faculty in sponsored research projects by performing a wide variety of tasks ranging from experimental work, data analysis, and computer programming to co-authoring papers and planning research programs. Applicant qualifications can vary widely depending on faculty needs but usually include strong analytical, design, and communication skills. Since GRAs are recruited and hired by individual faculty and salaries are paid by sponsored research projects, whose timelines may not follow the academic calendar, GRA opportunities may arise at any time.

To be considered for a GTA or GRA appointment, you must:

  1. Indicate your interest on the OSU Application for Graduate Admission form (item 10).  This step ensures that you will automatically be placed on the assistantship request list upon admission to graduate school. No other actions or forms are required.
  2. Be admitted into the program before April 15 of the year in which the position is scheduled to start. (Almost all GTA and GRA appointments begin in fall term.)

Students with GTA or GRA appointments must take 12 credits per term. These credits may comprise any combination of coursework and thesis hours, as long as at least three credits are at the graduate level.

Note: To maximize your chances of obtaining an MIME graduate assistantship as an incoming student, be sure to complete the OSU Graduate School application by December 31 of the year for which you are seeking admission.

OSU Graduate School Support

The OSU Graduate School administers a number of scholarships, fellowships, and other student awards, as listed on its Graduate School Fellowship Programs page. Per Graduate School policy, students may not apply for any of these awards directly but rather must be nominated by their graduate program. You can, however, initiate the nomination process by contacting the MIME Graduate Advisor with the names of any awards for which you are eligible and wish to be considered. 

External Funding Sources

Beyond OSU, there are numerous funding sources for graduate students in engineering:

  • Federal agencies such as NSF, DOD, and DOE
  • Foundations and private organizations such as HHMI and the Bullitt, Ford, GEM, and Hertz foundations.

For more helpful information and resources, see the Graduate School's Financing Your Education page.