Amy Fleischer, Ph.D. 

Professor and Chair
Mechanical Engineering
Villanova University

"Effect of Carbon-based Networks on Enhanced Energy Storage Materials"

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017 at 1 p.m.
Rogers 226 


Phase Change materials (PCMs) can be used as thermal energy storage materials in a number of applications including spacecraft thermal management, solar energy systems, energy efficient building materials and thermal management of electronic systems.  Many common PCMs have high energy storage capacity but low thermal conductivity so much work has been done to improve their system performance by using nanoscale inclusions intended to increase the effective thermal conductivity.   The work presented here shows that in certain situations, not only does the thermal conductivity increase, but also the latent heat. This effect is explored to understand the physical phenomena in order to harness the effect for advanced materials design.


Amy Fleischer is professor and chair of Mechanical Engineering at Villanova University. She also heads the NovaTherm Research Laboratory where her research interests include the broad topics of sustainable energy system design and thermal management of electronic systems.

Recent research projects have included development of nano-enhanced materials, energy storage in phase change materials, and waste heat recovery from data centers. She has received numerous awards from her peers including the "2010 ASME EPPD Women Engineer of the Year Award" which recognizes a women engineer with significant technical achievements in the area of electronic and photonic packaging and the 2011 ASME K-16 Clock Award for "Outstanding and continuing contributions to the science and engineering of heat transfer in electronics." She is an AE of the Journal of Heat Transfer and a past AE of the Journal of Electronic Packaging.