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4 Credits
Fall term

ENGR 213 or ENGR 213H or equivalent and
+16 or instructor permission
Roberto Albertani
412 Rogers Hall

Course Description

Introduction to fiber-reinforced composite materials and their applications. Topics include matrices and reinforcement; open and closed molding processes; filament winding, quality, testing, damage assessment; basics of factory operations and sustainability of composites. Students will complete laboratory projects using fiber-reinforced laminates. Lec/lab.


  • Classifying composites, fiber types, matrices, and manufacturing processes
  • Basics of linear elasticity of anisotropic materials; residual stresses
  • Concepts of volume and weight fraction of fiber and matrix
  • Matrices and their properties, polyesters, epoxies
  • Reinforcements and their forms related to manufacturing
  • Sandwich structures, joints and post-processing operations
  • Open molding, close molding
  • Basics of RTM and filament winding
  • Quality and testing
  • Basics of damage assessment and repairs
  • Basics of factory operations, project planning, business of composites, recycling and sustainability in composites

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Determine the appropriate manufacturing process for a new product based on analysis of the product requirements, basic components characteristics and factory operations.
  2. Use a commercial software package to apply the Analysis-Check-Manufacture group process for fiber-reinforced composites.
  3. Perform basic damage assessment and identify options for sustainability of fiber-reinforced composites.
  4. Document laboratory team project work in a clearly written and well structured technical report.
  5. MFGE 538 only – Demonstrate the ability to independently analyze and extend a given course subject and synthesize the results into a cohesive research paper.