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1 Credit
Available Fall term
Lecture & Lab; Pass/No Pass

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ENGR 248

Robert Paasch
414 Rogers Hall

Trevor Takaro

Course Description

Practical application of graphical communication theory using advanced solid modeling software to capture design intent and generate engineering drawings. Lec/lab. Graded P/N.


  • Solid modeling
  • Parametric modeling structure and linking between files
  • In context and out of context modeling
  • Saving and version management
  • Static finite element analysis
  • Drafting

    Learning Outcomes

    The student, upon successful completion of this course, will be able to:

    1. Create solid models in CATIA for parts with machining or material deposition manufacturing
    2. Create parametric models with skeleton structures where all parts update with high level geometry
    3. Work effectively in a large globally distributed CAD model
    4. Analyze strength and stiffness of solid parts of isotropic material through CATIA FEM
    5. Create manufacturing drawings for parts ready for use on a machine shop floor.