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4 Credits
Available Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer term
Crosslisted as NE 332 or NE 332H
Lecture only

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MTH 256 or MTH 256H;
ENGR 212 or ENGR 212H;
ME 311 or ME 311H or NE 311 or NE 311H;
ME 331 or ME 331H or NE 331 or NE 331H

Vinod Narayanan
320 Rogers Hall

Course Description

A treatment of conductive, convective, and radiative energy transfer using control volume and differential analysis and prediction of transport properties. Crosslisted as NE 332/332H


  • Energy balance in thermal systems
  • One-dimensional steady and transient conduction
  • Introduction to numerical solution techniques
  • Analogy of momentum, heat, and mass transfer: order of magnitude analysis
  • Forced convective heat transfer in internal and external flows
  • Heat exchangers
  • Natural convection
  • Ideal (black body) radiative exchange
  • Gray body radiative exchange

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon successful completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Perform an energy balance to heat-transfer systems to solve engineering problems.
  2. Invoke the proper use of conductive, convective, and radiative modes of heat transfer to analyze single- and multi-mode thermal engineering problems.
  3. Predict the thermal response of engineering systems to energy transfer mechanisms for transient and steady-state situations.
  4. Use a variety of engineering correlations to heat transfer analyses.
  5. Design and analyze thermal and fluidic engineering components and systems, in particular, heat exchangers.