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ME 316, ME 317, ME 331 and ME 373, or equivalent. Senior standing ME

Roberto Albertani 
412 Rogers

Course Description

The objective of this course is to develop mechanical design of aircraft subcomponents. You will learn to analyze and model aircraft components and evaluate their integration on the aircraft. You will also experience actual applications through a real-world aircraft component design project with associated deliverables to customer. Furthermore, the design will include basic requirements for FAA certification.


  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft components nomenclature, their general configurations and functions
  • General characteristics of aircraft propulsion systems, fuel system, landing gear, doors, payload accommodations, lifting surfaces
  • US Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Theoretical estimates of aerodynamic loads on subcomponents
  • Mass properties of aircraft
  • Mechanical characteristics of aerospace materials
  • Design of modifications on primary aircraft components

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon successful completion of this course, will be able to:

1- Demonstrate proficiency in fixed and rotary wing aircraft components nomenclature, functions and operations

2- Apply mechanical analysis to aircraft subcomponents including loads estimation and mass properties analysis

3- Demonstrate an understanding of Federal Aviation Regulations including Airworthiness Certificate

4- Perform structural analysis and materials selection of an aircraft structural modification including the application

for a FAA special airworthiness certificate

5- Perform the design and integration of an aircraft performance upgrade including structural analysis and materials

selection according to FAA standards

6- Perform the design of an aircraft payload modification including structural analysis and materials selection

according to FAA standards

7- Demonstrate the ability to effectively work in team, manage project priorities and meet project deadlines