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3 credits
Available fall term
Lecture Only

ENGR 322
Brian Bay
308 Dearborn Hall

Course Description

Selecting materials for engineering applications. The major families of materials, their properties, and how their properties are controlled; case studies and design projects emphasizing materials selection.


  • Optimization theory
  • Design methodology
  • Materials property data and databases
  • Optimization with multiple and conflicting objectives
  • Ecological design
  • Application and group design project

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon successful completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Recognize and develop lists of independent and dependent parameters for a mechanical design from which to develop quantitative measures of performance.
  2. Develop optimization equations for selection of materials for defined design projects.
  3. Use material property plots to identify the best performing materials for a given application.
  4. Use materials property databases for identification of candidate materials.