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4 Credits
Available Spring terms
Lecture only
(Online course)

cross-listed as CCE 554

IE 582
Ean H. Ng
404 Rogers Hall

Course Description

An in-depth exploration of professional engineering ethics. Course content includes conceptual theoretical basis of ethics, ethics among professional organizations, ethical consideration of design, critical analysis of ethical situations, ethics in the workplace, and ethical considerations regarding the broader environment.


  • Overview and concepts of ethics, values, and morals
  • Principles of professional ethics and engineering practice
  • Design ethics
  • Ethics of engineering practice
  • Ethics of intellectual property
  • Ethics in the work place
  • Social ethics and the professional engineer
  • Ethics and the environment

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Distinguish among the concepts of values, ethics, and morals.
  2. Consider ethical issues using a systematic, critical process.
  3. Explain how ethics apply to engineering professionals.
  4. Apply ethical considerations when faced with workplace conflicts.
  5. Apply ethical considerations in providing engineering work.
  6. Explain how engineering ethics apply to broad issues, such as social and environmental concerns.