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3 Credits
Spring term, even years
Lecture only

IE 521 or equivalent

Hector Vergara
422 Rogers Hall

Course Description

Classic models and algorithms for discrete optimization. Includes intuition and theory about computational strategies for solution of integer programming and combinatorial optimization problems.


  • Nature of Discrete Optimization and Classic Integer Models
  • Integer Programming Formulations
  • Relaxation and Bounds
  • Branch-and-Bound
  • Cutting Plane Algorithms
  • Branch-and-Cut
  • Large Scale Optimization Methods
  • Heuristic Methods
  • Elements of Computational Complexity

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Use integer variables for formulating complex mathematical models.
  2. Use common methodology for the solution of integer programs.
  3. Understand the theory of valid inequalities and how it applies to the solution of integer programs.
  4. Use software tools for solving integer programs.
  5. Apply the tools of complexity theory to assess the difficulty of integer programming problems.
  6. Apply course concepts in practice to solve integer programs.