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4 Credits
Available Winter, Summer

ENGR 112,
Algebra, calculus, differentiation and integration
David Porter
420 Rogers Hall

Course Description

Engineering problem solving using computational methods. Data structures. Modular programming. Sorting and search algorithms. Algorithms for inventory models, production scheduling, production line analysis, and optimization.


  • Algorithm representation tools
  • Introduction to VBA
    • Visual Basic Environment
    • Designing user interfaces
  • Coding in VBA
    • Manipulating Excel Objects (i.e., Properties, and Methods)
    • Variables
    • Programming structures
    • Array manipulation
    • Developing sub procedures and function procedures

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Utilize basic program design tools such as flowcharts, pseudocode and hierarchy charts to represent algorithms
  2. Write Visual Basic for applications (VBA) code in the Visual Basic environment
  3. Manipulate objects (i.e., workbooks, worksheets, ranges of cell and cells in MS Excel 2007
  4. Properly define user variables of different types (e.g., Boolean, Integer, etc.) for use in VBA program
  5. Apply different types of programming structures ( e.g., if-then-else, do-while-loop, select-case, etc.) to control the logical execution of VBA programs
  6. Properly define and utilize arrays to store and manipulate large collections of data
  7. Write user-defined sub procedures and functions
  8. Design and implement a graphical user interface (GUIs) in Microsoft Excel to solve an engineering problem given a set of customer requirements