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4 Credits
Available Spring

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BA 360 or
ENGR 390,
and ME 311, ESE pro school
Robin Feuerbacher
105A Cascades Hall
OSU-Cascades, Bend, OR

Course Description

Analysis of energy use in transportation, residential and industrial sectors to understand how new technologies improve energy efficiency.  Tradeoff techniques applied to decide between less efficient, less expensive systems versus more efficient, more expensive systems. International energy consumption compared, and energy losses evaluated for heating, cooling and electronic systems. Offered at OSU-Cascades only.


  • Overview of energy: uses and supplies, units, energy flow charts
  • Economic analysis
  • Energy use & efficiency: buildings
  • Energy use & efficiency: transportation
  • Energy use & efficiency: industrial
  • Energy use in other countries Pacific NW comparisons
  • Electricity supply: options and issues

Learning Outcomes

  1. Compare and contrast the efficiency of fossil fuel automobiles, hybrid electric, all electric, and fuel cell power trains. 
  2. Formulate options for decreasing energy consumption in major sectors, including transportation, residential, and industry.
  3. Compare and contrast international energy consumption patterns in both established and emerging markets, e.g., Europe, U.S., and China.
  4. Evaluate energy losses in common heating, cooling and electronic systems.
  5. Generate a life cycle assessment of the financial and environmental costs of energy-using systems, from production to decommissioning.