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3 Credits
Available Fall/Winter
Lecture and Recitation

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ENGR 211 or ENGR 211H
Brian Bay
418 Rogers Hall

Course Description

Properties of structural materials; analysis of stress and deformation in axially loaded members, circular shafts, and beams, and in statically indeterminate systems containing these components.


• Introduction to Strengths of Materials/Statics Review
• Hook’s Law
• Torsion Formula
• Shear Formula
• Flexure Formula
• Principle Stresses and Mohr’s Circle
• Buckling: Critical Buckling Loads
• Failure: Cyclic Loading

Learning Outcomes

The student, upon successful completion of this course, will be able to:

  1. Understand and be able to work with the basic definitions of stress and strain
  2. Understand the relationships between working stress, material strength and safety factor
  3. Understand Mohr’s circle and be able to determine principal stresses
  4. Calculate stresses for axial, torsion, bean bending, and combined loading
  5. Be able to draw shear and bending moment diagrams, and write beam equilibrium equations
  6. Understand the concepts underlying beam deflection and Euler buckling calculation