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Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Program Milestones

The major milestones in completing a PhD in mechanical engineering at Oregon State are charted in the following table. For more information about these milestones, click on the corresponding table links.

University-wide requirements for earning a doctoral degree at Oregon State are detailed on the Oregon State Graduate School Website.

Milestone Deadline Reference links
on these pages:
Meet with the MIME graduate advisor Meeting should occur prior to end
of first term in graduate school.
Lynn Paul profile;
Schedule appt
Major professor selection and graduate committee formation Must be completed prior
to program meeting.
Graduate program area leads
Coursework and
credit requirements
Core coursework must be done prior to qualifying examination.

Transferring credits;
MIME Proposed Graduate Level Courses [Excel]

Ethical research training Can be completed at ANY time, but it MUST BE COMPLETED before program of study approval.


Program of study development Must be completed prior
to program meeting.

Program of study form;
ME coursework/credits;

Ph.D. program meeting This meeting must be convened but need not be scheduled through the graduate school.

Grad school Program of Study information

Qualifying examination With MS: Before third term of Ph.D. program.
With BS only: Before sixth term of Ph.D. program.

Design, more info;
Materials Mechanics, more info;
Robotics, more info;
Thermal-Fluid Sciences, more info

Preliminary examination At least six months after completing qualifying examination, and
At least one full academic term before final oral examination.
OSU Grad School exam scheduling form
Thesis completion Must be completed prior
to final oral examination.
OSU Grad School Thesis Guide;
OSU ScholarsArchive;
Step by step instructions for ScholarsArchive;
Instructions and considerations for data sets
Final oral examination No more than five years
after completing preliminary examination.
OSU Grad School exam scheduling form