Academic Advisors are located in the School of MIME Student Services Office – 238 Rogers Hall

Welcome to the School of MIME's Undergraduate Academic Advising Appointments website. If you are a first-year freshman in MIME, please refer to the First-Year Advising website for walk-in advising hours and to schedule an advising appointment.

This site lists our walk-in advising hours and allows you to schedule an advising appointment with a specific advisor. More information about these types of appointments, along with the walk-in advising hours, can be found below.

Remember to bring in a newly completed 2-year Academic Plan when meeting with an advisor. Academic Plans are located on the "Creating/Updating your Academic Plan" website. You can access the Academic Plans by clicking the link on the right side of this page. We look forward to meeting with you.

MIME Student Services
John Barber
Advisor: All MIME Majors
Nancy Homan
Advisor: All MIME Majors
Tyler DeAdder
Manager, Student Services   
Phone: 541-737-0701 Phone: 541-737-0702 Phone: 541-737-4718
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See Scheduled Advising Appointments

Special Note Below **

See Scheduled Advising Appointments

Special Note Below **

See Scheduled Advising Appointments

Special Note Below **

* Please use your oregonstate email account and include your OSU ID number in your email.

** Please review the school's no-show policy below.

Walk-in Advising Appointments

Fall Term 2017

Walk-in Advisng Hours

Walk-in advising hours are Monday through Friday, 3:00pm - 4:30pm through the end of November. Walk-in advising hours are for those students who are experiencing registration issues, seeking S/U approvals, requesting course overrides and/or other questions that can be answered in 10 minutes or less. We will not issue registration PINs during walk-in advising hours.

Students coming to walk-in hours will meet with the advisor that is currently available. Students wanting to meet with a specific advisor are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment.

Scheduled Advising Appointments (Special Note)**

Our online calendars will only be available through November for those students who must meet with an advisor to get their winter term registration PIN. Check your OSU email account. Emails were sent out from MIME Advising on October 25, 2017 that contained either your PIN for winter registration or instructions to schedule an advising appointment. Emails that contained instructions to schedule an appointment included the links to our online calendars. 

If the email you received on October 25, 2017, contained your PIN for winter regsitration you will be able to schedule an advising appointment in December. If you need to meet with an advisor prior to December, please come to walk-in advising.

If you did not get an email and you are a current, non-first year, MIME student, email please email Tyler DeAdder using your email address. The email should state that you did not receive the October 25, 2017 email along wtih your OSU ID#. We will look into this and reply with further information.

** NO-SHOW POLICY: Students who do not show up for their scheduled advising appointment, and who did not cancel that appointment at least 12 hours in advance will be marked as a no-show. Students who have a subsequent no-show in the twelve (12) months following a no-show will not receive their registration PIN until the last Monday of phase one priority registration. Students who have no-showed their advising appointment must still meet with an advisor in order to receive their PIN.