Welcome to the OSU Robotics and Human Control Systems Lab, which is part of the OSU Robotics group.

Our research group has two goals:

(1) To develop a deeper understanding of the neural control and biomechanics in the human body using robotics techniques.

(2) To develop the design and control methodologies (including human-inspired) that enable robots to operate robustly in unstructured environments

Application areas include robotic grasping and manipulation, mobile robotics, human-robot interaction, and rehabilitation.

The lab is directed by Prof. Ravi Balasubramanian.


We are currently seeking exceptional students to join our team as PhD and Masters candidates. Applicants should have a background in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or a closely related field. Quality of the applicant is more important than specific background, although experimental/project experience in robotics is preferred. Interested students should contact Prof. Balasubramanian and provide a copy of their resume and a brief description of their interests for graduate school.

Undergraduates are highly encouraged to join the group to conduct research projects.


Top News

July 2013

The lab joins Team ViGIR in the DARPA robotics challenge. Our group will do robotic grasping and manipulation research for the team.

May 2013

Jade Montgomery, an undergraduate researcher in our lab, received the Undergraduate Researcher of the Year award and Best Poster Award from the OSU College of Engineering for her honor thesis in our lab on using implanted mechanisms in tendon-transfer surgery. Congratulations Jade!