Welcome to the OSU Robotics and Human Control Systems Lab, which is part of the OSU Robotics group.

Our research group has two goals:

(1) To develop a deeper understanding of the neural control and biomechanics in the human body using robotics techniques.

(2) To develop the design and control methodologies (including human-inspired) that enable robots to operate robustly in unstructured environments

Application areas include robotic grasping and manipulation, mobile robotics, human-robot interaction, and rehabilitation.

The lab is directed by Prof. Ravi Balasubramanian.


We are currently seeking exceptional students to join our team as PhD and Masters candidates. Applicants should have a background in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or a closely related field. Quality of the applicant is more important than specific background, although experimental/project experience in robotics is preferred. Interested students should contact Prof. Balasubramanian and provide a copy of their resume and a brief description of their interests for graduate school.

Undergraduates are highly encouraged to join the group to conduct research projects.