Chemical Solution Deposition

Current Materials

Through spin-coat deposition, the Gibbons Lab currently works with a number of solutions for development of piezoelectric thin film materials. The lead-based solutions are Lead Titanate [PbTiO3 or PT] and Lead Zirconate Titanate [Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 or PZT]. The lead-free solutions are Barium Titanate [BaTiO3 or BT] and Barium Titanate-Bismuth Zinc Titanate [BaTiO3-Bi(Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 or BT-BZT].

General Spin-Coating Tips

  • To change any of the spin-coating parameters (namely rpm), press the F1 button, use the “cursor” arrows (they point left and right) to move to the number you want to change, and then use the “value” arrows (they point up and down) to adjust the value. Once you are done, press the F1 button again.
  • If the display reads “CDA” that means the spin-coater is not receiving enough Clean Dry Air. You can fix this problem by increasing the air flow to the spin-coater using the regulator.
  • If the spin-coater isn't creating suction (e.g. your samples are falling off), you probably need to clean the spin-coater. The top attachment is usually the problem, so try cleaning that piece and testing again before moving your way down. A small screwdriver or any similarly shaped object should do well to push built-up material out of the center hole, but be careful not to damage anything (including the screwdriver)!