MIME Alumni and Friends: We salute you.  Your career successes, professional achievements, and personal accomplishments make us proud – and more than that, they inspire the students following in your footsteps at Oregon State. You are their role models: They watch you putting what they're learning into practice and making a difference in the world. They look to you for guidance. And they need your help in connecting the dots between aspiration and achievement. 

Indeed, we see you as pillars of the MIME community. Your ongoing engagement enriches the School and helps sustain our long tradition of excellence. And your generous support and continuing engagement are invaluable in helping us prepare the next generation of engineering leaders. Thank you for being a part of our school – and for your interest in staying connected, getting involved, and giving back.

Featured Alumnus

The School of MIME extends our congratulations to OSU alumnus David C. Jensen, who earned his BS (2008), MS (2009), and PhD (2012) in mechanical engineering from Oregon State and is a mechanical engineering faculty member at the University of Arkansas. Photo by Russell Cothren, courtesy of the University of Arkansas.