Name Position Contact Phone
John Barber John Barber

Academic Advisor 541.737.0701
Nancy Homan

Academic Advisor 541.737.0702
Amy Leeds Amy Leeds

Academic Advisor 541-737-3238
Christina Olson

Assistant to the School Head 541-737-2269
Keith Price Keith Price

Computer Support 541.737.4345
Jean Robinson

Graduate Records Specialist 541.737.9191
Stephanie Grigar

Graduate Specialist 541.737.4118
Lynn Paul

Head Advisor, MIME Graduate Programs 541.737.3644
Brian Jensen Brian Jensen

Manager, MIME Product Realization & Machining Lab 541.737.2862
Matthew Berry

MIME Grant Accountant 541.737.4504
Lori Burgeson

MIME IT Consultant 541.737.5240
Nicole Thompson

Operations Manager 541.737.7505
Ekstedt Lynn Ekstedt

Outreach and Industry Relations Coordinator 541-737-4646
Owen Perry

Public Information Representative 541.737.3718
Tyler DeAdder

Student Services Manager 541.737.4718
Darin Kempton

Trades/Maintenance Worker 2 541.737.2862
Gina Newcomb

Undergraduate Records Specialist 541.737.7009